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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bow Tie Blanket

Here is what the blanket looks like. The first picture is how it looks spread out the second is how it looks up close of the bows.This is a bow tie fleece blanket. All the bows are hand sewn on. I chose Nebraska Husker fabric because she is a fan of huskers and because i thought it was neat to see a pink Husker fabric instead of red. 

The Hancocks Fabric store is where i got the fabric. I went to the one on 84th ? It's by Mangelsons. I prefer the smaller one in council bluffs, because they usually have a nicer selection of fabric.


How are you today ?

I'm recovering from being sick. I got sick from running in cold air and having an asthma attack. What an idiot i can be sometimes. So i didn't chase any wonderful sales this weekend. I just bought a few things on sale and came home and got back into my bed. I finally forced myself to wash towels so my daughter could take her shower last night. 

Before i got sick i was working on a blanket to take to my neighbor that is in the nursing home. I wanted to give her something nice to still maybe perk her up while she is in there instead of flowers which will die. I'll post that in a second.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Printable $5 Build A Bear Coupon

$5.00 off Build a Bear Printable Coupon! Print your Build A Bear Coupon by clicking the title. 

Update of daughter being sick

As i expected nothing more than allergies. Too bad the nurses would not listen to me and just let me give her, her medicine for it. Dr. said just allergies- strep test came back negative. Now my daughter's perfect attendance is not so perfect anymore. And poor thing was so heart broken. 

Omaha Area Grocery List & Coupon Matchups

Here are some good deals for the Omaha Area.


Green Giant potatoes 5lb bag $1.88

Ragu 26-26.3oz $1.24 -$.50/2 =$1.98 coupon from 01-18-09 insert
Angel Soft 12dbl roll $5.98 -$.50 =$5.48 coupon from 02-22-09 insert OR printable here http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rkkldqi40883454&bt=wi&o=54195&pt=&lang=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=GP&p=053279260763&z=&r=&pc=&tc=

I can't believe it's not butter spread $1.39 -$1/2 =$1.78 or .40/1 coupon from 01-18-09 insert

Kelloggs Cereals 9-12oz $1.75 -$1/2 =$3.50 coupon from 02-22-09 insert OR -$1 off 1 =$.75 coupon from http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rktvcun78918453&bt=vi&o=54148&c=KC&p=uU1wzMHO

Birdseye steamfresh 12oz $.99 -$1/3 =$1.97 coupon from 03-01-09 insert

50% Off Keebler, Sunshine, Famous Amos cookies or crackers (various coupons out)
Ziploc stand up plastic bags 10,15 or 20ct. $.50 cents -$.35 =$.15cents coupon from 03-15-09 insert OR -$1/2 = FREE coupon from http://www.boxtops4education.com/Coupons/ 
Green Giant steamers $.88 -$.60 =$.28 coupon from http://www.bettycrocker.com/coupons-promotions/coupons/
There use to be a $1 off one there as well.
Yoplait Yogurt $.40 cents when you buy 10 -$.40/6 =$3.60 coupon from 03-22-09 insert &  $.50/6 =$3.90 for 12 cups coupon here http://www.pillsbury.com/coupons-promotions gal milk $1.88
From there kitchen Large single topping pizza $4.98

Quaker granola bars $1.50 when you buy 4
-$1/2 = $2 print 2x New total $4 coupon here http://coupons.smartsource.com//index.aspx?Link=5S2ZUA6PWPEPO
also use $1/1 from 03-08-09 insert New total $3 for 4 boxes
Quaker oatmeal $1.50 when you buy 4
-$1/2 = $2 from 02-08-09 insert 
-$1/2 = $2 coupon here http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qcrmagt3796268&bt=wi&o=55039&c=QO&p=iPHZYhuk
Total $4 for 4 boxes
Coke 12pks 3/$11 and get 2 free boxes of Ritz crackers -$1 from www.mycokerewards.com must have coke points to get coupon
Roberts Sour Cream or Dips 16oz $1-$.30 =$.70 coupon from 03-01-09 insert
Pillsbury Biscuits, Rolls or Pizza Crust 4/$4 various coupons out
Natures Pride bread $2 -$.55= $1.45 coupon from 02-22-09 insert

Split Chicken Breasts $.86lb
Our family Sugar 41.38
Angel Soft 12dbl roll $5.49 -$.50 =$4.99 coupon from 02-22-09 insert OR printable here http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rkkldqi40883454&bt=wi&o=54195&pt=&lang=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=GP&p=0
Purex $2.65 -$.50= $2.15 coupon off there website
Dole Mandarin Oranges 11/10=.90 -.55/2= $1.30 coupon here http://www.dole.com/
Grimmway Farms baby carrots 16oz 11/$10
White Onions 2lb bag 11/$10
Totino's Pizza Rolls 7.5oz $.88 -.35= $.53 coupon from 03-15-09 insert OR $1/2 = $.76
Pineapple $2.77 -$.75 internet coupon =$2.02

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Un expected shopping trip

I received a phone call today from school that my daughter is sick. So, i will have to make an un expected shopping trip tonight. All her hard work for perfect attendance is gone. I am so sad over it but not as sad as her. All kids who make perfect attendance get a FREE bike and helmet. She has just worked so hard for it and now all gone. She's cried today and begged me not to make her come home but i made them take her temp 1 more time once i got there to make sure.  It's such a big deal because she was sick 32 days last year and 40 something the year before. She has severe allergies & asthma.

I'll let you know how things go tonight. I will be paying out of pocket for the Dr. visit and medicine. 

Walgreens Shopping Trip 3/25/09

I had an appt. yesterday and was by a Walgreens so i took the rest of my Register Reward coupons in and used them up. I so wanted to roll them but i was  not about to roll them on items i did not need. So here is what i got....

1 Black Ink Refil $10
1 box of De MetsTurtles $3.99
4 cans of Hunts Spaghetti Sauce $.99x4=$3.96 after store Q =$1.56
3 pks of vegetable seeds 3/$1
Total $18.95
-Walgreens Store Q for hunts $2.40
-$1.50 De Mets Turttles 
-$10 Register Reward
-$3 Register Reward
Total After Coupons and tax $2.45
Coupon Savings $16.90

New Budget $2250.44
Mail In Rebate Savings $16.27

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meal Planning week of 3/22/09

Yes, i am late on this weeks but oh well. Better late than never, lol. I'm also going to start including the price of what it roughly cost me to make.

Sunday-Carmalized Steak & Corn on the cob $5.29

Monday-Bourbon Chicken & Rice $.71

Tuesday- Spaghetti & Breadsticks $5.03

Wednesday-Pot Roast w/ veggies $5.56

Thursday-Tacos w/ rice $3.29

Friday-Lazyagna w/ garlic biscuits $6.28

Saturday-Pizza Roll Ups $5.67

Smoking Hot Coupon!! $4 Off Pace

Smartsource has a $4 coupon they put out for any Pace product ( it will automatically start printing when you click the link). With such a high value coupon I’m pretty sure salsa will end up being FREE! But it gets better!  The printing limit is more than 2x. Click the title to go get your smoking hot coupon. 

Walgreens Shopping Trip 3/22

Nothing was on sale this week we needed from Walgreens & I had $13 in Register Rewards to use because they were expiring, so i just got some things we use instead.

12pk Coke $3.33
12pk Coke $3.33
2 small frozen pizzas $1
1 small coffee drink $.90
20oz. Pepsi $1.39
1 pk Crisco Shortening Sticks $2.50
1 Degree Deoderant $1.79
Total $14.24
-$.50 coupon
-$10 Register Reward
-$3 Register Reward
Total After Coupons $3.52

Coupon Savings $13.50
New Budget $2252.89
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

There are a couple items that i can not remember to add what they were but The total price i paid is correct.

Walmart Shopping Trip 3/22

I only went to 1 store this week, lol imagine that. No Bakers.  Sorry for posting so late.  I would have posted sooner but my pc has crashed 2x since Sunday. 

Price Matched Items

2 Jacks Pizza $2x2=$4
1 Kraft taco cheese $1.68
2 Kraft singles cheese $1.48x2= $2.96
6 Light bulbs $1x6=$6
3 Honeynut Chex $1.50x3=$4.50
2 Skippy PB $1.18x2=$2.36
2 Gal choc milk $2.28x2=$4.56
2 Uncle Ben Rice $1.19x2= $2.38
4 Cans of Del Monte Corn $.79x4=$3.16
1 loaf of bread $1.65
1 pk Country Style Ribs $1.89
1 pk Country Style Ribs $1.68
9 Taco Seasoning Pks $.44x9=$3.96
1 Celery $.89
1 1/2 gal milk $.88
4 Good Life Dog Foods $3.14x4=$12.56
10lb bag potatoes $1.98
1 Cantaloupe $1.38
1 pk Oscar mayer hot dogs $1.67
12pl Diet Coke $3.33
4pk White Cloud TP $2
Keyboard $15
Bananas $.64lb = $1.38
Drom DCD pim $.68
1 newspaper $2
1 Hanna Montanna DVD Game $1
1 Guess Who Game $10
12 bags De Mets turttles $1.50x12=$18
Total $114.53

Total After Coupons $62.21
Coupon Savings $52.32
New Budget $2256.41
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

I had some items i need to not include in my budget. Which are
1 Hanna Montanna DVD Game $1
1 Guess Who Game $10
Drom DCD pim $.68
Keyboard $15
Total to add to Budget $26.68

Redblog Free Movie Wednesday Code

This week's promo code :  MMM325

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Deals For Walgreens week of 3/22/09

Register Reward Deals

Woolite, Oxyclean or Dryel - Sale Price $8.99 - Earn $2 RR
Coppertone Sun care - Earn $10 RR wyb $20
Gillette Fusion GAMER - Sale Price $8.99 - Earn $4 RR
Listerine - Sale Price 2/$9 - $3 RR wyb 2
Omeprazole 42ct - Sale Price $19.99 - Earn $5 RR
Tums Dual Action - Sale Price $7.99 - Earn $3 RR
Kelloggs Cereal or Bars - Sale Price 4/$10 - $2 RR wyb 4
Claritin - Sale Price $24.99 - Earn $5 RR

RR= Register Reward
MQ=Manufacturer Coupon
ESMIR=Easy Saver Mail In Rebate
ADQ= Coupon from there Ad

Right Guard Professional Strength, Overage
TOTAL: -$1.01
MQ: $2/1
MATH: $5.99 - $2 - $5 = -$1.01

Hunts Tomato Sauce, 8 oz, Overage
TOTAL: $-.11
SALE: .39 each with WAGC
AD Q: .39 each, page 3
ESMIR:#29, March (Buy $10, get back $5)
MATH: Buy 11, rings up before coupon as .99 each = 10.89
- $6.00 (.60 off each can with WAGC)
-$5.00 MIR
= -$.11

tums dual action
total: 1.99
sale: 7.99
mq: $3: Pamphlet found by product at wags
rr: $3, page 14
math: 7.99-3=4.99-3rr=1.99

dryel, GDA here
TOTAL: 3.99
SALE: 8.99
MQ: 3.00/1 coupons-com
RR: 2rr pg.2
MATH: 8.99-3.00/1=5.99 get 2rr=3.99

Pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair, GDA here
TOTAL: 2 for 1.00
SALE: 2/7.00
MQ: 2.00/1 redplum-com
ESMIR: 1.00 each up to 6 total pg 56 rebate 23
MATH: 2/7-2/2.00/1=3.00 get 2 back esmir=2/1.00

Raisin Bran, Mini-Wheats(and others)
SALE: 4/$10
MQ: 1.00/1
RR: 2rr last pg
MATH: $10-$4 (4 $1 MFQ's)= $6-$2 RR = $4 ea

Kellogg's Jumbo Multi-Grain Krispies, Raisin Bran Extra, Mini-Wheats Little Bites,
Special K Blueberry or Disney Hannah Montana Cereal, Any 11.2 Oz. + - 02-22-09 RP

Kellogg Cereals +2 dozen EGGS
TOTAL: $4.00 to $5.20 for 4 boxes cereal & 2 doz eggs
SALE: 4/$10
MQ: 70/1 or 1/1 2/22RP or 1/1 peelie
RR: $2 RR
+use (2) FREE eggs wyb 2 kelloggs TP
MATH: $10-$2.80 MQs = $7.20 - $2 RR = $5.20 for 4 boxes cereal & 2 doz eggs
MATH: $10-$4.00 MQs = $6.00 - $2 RR = $4.00 for 4 boxes cereal & 2 doz eggs

Schick Quattro Razor
TOTAL: .99
SALE: $8.99
MQ: 4.00/1
RR: $4
MATH: $8.99-$4 MFQ=$4.99-$4RR=$0.99

Pepsi 12 packs (back of ad)
sale: 3/$10.92 plus one free with WAGS coupon from ad
ad q: 4th 12 pack free with purchase of 3

TOTAL: .25
SALE: $.99
MQ: .75/1

Coppertone Nutrashield
TOTAL: 2/ $10.98
MQ: $1.50 - 3/1 SS
RR: $10 WYB $20
MATH: (2 x $11.99) - (2 x $1.50 MFR Q) - $10 RR = 2/$10.98

Reynold's Wrap
TOTAL: $1.79
SALE: $2.79 with WAGC
MQ: $1 IP
MATH: $2.79 (with WAGC) - $1 IP = $1.79

Redbox Free Movie Renta Today

Todays Code is: HG7W56

Monday 3/23/09

Oh my what a hectic weekend. My computer crashed when i bought this new keyboard yesterday and i have been having a hard time getting it up and ready. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who knows how to fix computers, lol. I did lose everything i had on it though. Which makes me very sad because i had a lot of pictures, all my coupon class info and handouts. All my printable coupons that were in pdf form. Everything, it makes me sick and sad. Good news is at least my pc was fixable aand not completely broke.

I also received some sad news yesterday. My all time favorite cashier is leaving Walmart. I tell you it took me a very long time to find someone i like, and now he is leaving. I enjoy him as my cashier because he is extreamly nice, funny and does all my coupons right and my price matching right. So i will miss you Don :0( But good news is he is not leaving right away. I sure hope he found my blog when i gave him my site yesterday, so we can stay in touch. He had told me he had a different interest for his career. He will be moving on to become a nurse. I know he will be a great nurse because he just has awesome people skills.

I'll post my shopping trips later.

My coupon box has been receiving a lot of attention lately. When i was at Walgreens, a lady commented on it and of course i told her about my site :0) I also tell people about HCW.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Target Shopping Trip 3/20/09

I went and bought a few things needed. I was going mainly just for meat, the other things i found i just bought because they were cheap. And i don't even have a cat, lol. I buy that stuff when i see it dirt cheap and give to my SIL for her little kitty. Too bad i can't never find dog food that cheap, lol and yes i have a dog :0) I had to get a raincheck for the $1 light bulbs. So if your store doesn't have them, make them give you a raincheck. Now if they can get some in before May, lol. That is when my Q's expire for them. Here was the deal for those light bulbs GE light bulb $1 -$1 coupon=Free. 

Shout $2.04
Peter Pan Rduced Fat Crunchy $1.60
A1 Marinade $1.22
Chuck Roast $3.96
Chuck Steak $3.46
1 thin sliced sirloin steak $4.24
1 thin sliced steak sirloin $2.01
1 McCormick pure vanilla $2.74
2 Reynolds $1.06x2=$2.12
1 bag Good Recipe cat food $3.14
2 Cheeto Snack Bags $1.29x2=$2.58
Total $27.97 after taxes
-$1 Target Q for shout
-$1 Target Q for Cheetos
-$1 Target Q for Cheetos
-$8 in Target Meat Q's
-$.55 Q for shout
-$.50 IP peter pan
-$1 off A1 wyb meat tear pad Q
-$1 McCormick IP Q
-$1 Reynolds Q
-$1 Reynolds Q
-$3 off Good Recipe
Total After Coupons $8.92
Coupon Savings $19.05
New Budget $2291.94
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hot Items for the weeks price matching at Walmart

Russet potatoes 10lb $1.98
Kraft Singles Cheese $1.48 
Skippy PB $1.18 -$.75/2 =$1.61 coupon from 01-18-09 insert
Venus Razors 3ct $5.47 -$2=$3.47 coupon from 03-01-09 insert

Medium dozen Eggs $.79 
Navel Oranges 10lb bag $5.89

Uncle Bens Country Inn Rice Blends $1.19 -$.75=$.44 coupon from 02-22-09 insert or $1/2 = $1.38 from 02-22-09 insert

Kraft cheese all kinds $1.79
HyVee whole chicken $.79lb
Strawberries $1.48
HyVee Store Coupons
Free Sunkist Oranges when you buy (3) 12pks of Sunkits 3/$10 

Knor Side dishes $.69 -$.50/2= $.88 coupon from 01-18-09 insert
GM Cereals $1.50 -various coupons out
Country Style Ribs $1.18lb
Knorr Bouillon Cubes $.89 -.35=$.54 coupon from 02-01-09 insert
Bagel Bites 7oz. $2.19 -$1/2=$3.38 coupon from http://www.bagelbites.com/Soccer-Mom-Get-Coupon.aspx
Store coupons- 
Save $4 on GM products when you buy 4
save $1 when you buy 3 Coke 12pks

½ gal milk $.88 limit 6
Old Home buttertop bread $1.65
Huggies diapers $9.88- $5 printable coupon = $4.88
Suave Shampoo or Conditioner $.89 -$2/3 =$2.67 coupon from 03-01-09 insert
½ gal choc milk $1.25
Red Delicious Apples 3lb bag $1.99

Friday 3/20/09

Oh, today has been a much better day for me. Whew, no more fruit roll up scarfs, lol not as much fighting. 

I have been helping my neighbor. She fell yesterday and hurt her foot. Now she will have surgery on it Tuesday. So i had been helping her. I gave her my extra cordless phone. We weren't using it right now anyhow. I am washing 2 loads of laundry for her today and will wash probably 1 more before the weekend is over for her. I went and got her some groceries last night. I will probably make her a nice meal or 2 for this upcoming week. Some people ask why am i doing this ? I just ask myself this why would someone ask me that ? I am doing it because i am a good neighbor and a friend. Isn't that what neighbors and friends do for each other ? We help each other out. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday 3/19/08

I hope all is well with you today! Today is a hectic day so far. Kids keep fighting over everything and then my daughter decided she would wear a YoGo's fruit roll up as a scarf. Not sure if you have had them but they are really sticky and really soft. I have no idea why an 8 yr old would do this. She said she just wanted to wear it like a scarf. Oh my, i see how today will go, lol. 

How is your day going ??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kmart and Glamour have teamed up to give you a $25 Kmart gift card

Kmart and Glamour have teamed up to give you a $25 Kmart gift card for every $50 you spend at Kmart (after coupons) through 4/30. Just send your original receipts along with your name, address and telephone number to Glamour at:

Glamour Platinum Rewards
Attn: Promotion Department
4 Times Square, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Receipts must be receievd by 5/13. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of gift card. It does not say, but I get the impression                                                          as though the $50 spent must be in one transaction.

More Details here: http://www.glamalert.com/kmart/index.html

Monday, March 16, 2009

Want a chance to win a $50 Kroger Gift Card

If you want a chance to win that $50 Kroger Gift Card, make sure you sign up at Nickels-n-Dimes. You can do so by clicking the above link. This giveaway is open until March 17th at 11:59 pm.

Walmart Shopping Trip 3/15/09

Sorry no pic today. My camera is broke. I will need to now find a new camera on the cheap. So if you know of a deal let me know. 

*All items are price matched at Walmart unless noted*

Items Bought:

3 boxes GM cereal $1.27x3=$3.81
1 box Apple Jacks $2
2 boxes Yogos $1.79x2=$3.58
2 Jars ragu $1.38x2=$2.76
1 jar PB store brand $.98
1 jar PB Jif $1.89
3 pks chicken breasts $1.18lb = $5.85
1 (18) ct eggs $.98
3 Jacks pepperoni pizza $1.84x3=$5.52
3 pks string cheese $1.67x3=$5.01
2 pk Carl Buddig lunch meat $.48x2=$.96
1/2 gal milk $1
1 7Up 2 liter $.59
2 Mentos Gum Candies $1x2=$2
1 Folgers $5.49
2 (20) lb Purina dog food $9.99x2= $19.98
1 pillsbury choc chip cookie dough roll $2
1 pillsbury oatmeal choc chip cooki ready bake $2.38
1 loaf of Sara Lee bread $1.97
1 Mission four tortillas $1.48
1 french bread loaf $.58
1 Jello Pudding $2.50
1 Danimal Crunch Cups $2
6 pks Taco Seasoning $.47x6=$2.82
2.92 lbs Bananas $1.87
10 bags of Demets Turttles $1.50x10=$15
1 newspaper $2

2 boxes Ziploc Bags $1.88x2=$3.76
1 loaf bread $1.80
Other items i bought but i am not counting in budget because they go in a different budget. Are:
1 Purse $1.50
1 dog collar $1.25
1 calandar $1
1 lock $2.47
Plates $1.73
Total to not count in budget is $7.95
Total $111.85 -$7.95 to not count in budget =$103.90
Total After Coupons $72.42

Coupon Savings $31.48
New Budget $2300.86
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

New Redbox Code for today Only

Code for today is 2GR4N8

Friday, March 13, 2009

3/13/09 Target Trip

Went tonight to mainly get the meat. All out again for the most part. I will go again soon. 

Items Bought :

4 Ortega Taco Seasoning Packets $.47x4=$1.88
2 Motts Apple Sauce $1.69x2=$3.38
1 Steak $3.62
1 Chuck Roast $3.98
3 cans Libby's pumpkin $.83x3=$2.49
TOTAL $15.35
-$1/2 Ortea
-$.75/2 Ortega
-$.55 Motts coupon
-$.55 Motts coupon
-$1 Target motts coupon
-$1 Target motts coupon
-$2 Target meat coupon
-$2 Target Meat coupon

Total After Coupons $6.50
Total Coupon Savings $8.85
New Budget $2373.28
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I want to hear from YOU!

I see readers coming here all the time. I know your reading, why not take time out of the day just to say hi !

If you stop by and say hi, i will enter you in a drawing to win a FREE bottle of  Suave. Value up to $3. This is a coupon you will receive by me in the mail. The drawing will end on 3/16/09 at 9am. You will have 24 hrs to get back to me, if you don't i will have to move on to the next person in line.

1).You can enter a couple of different ways. Post a message about my giveaway or my site on your blog, myspace or facebook. Then come back and leave me a message and link to where you posted.

2). Just stop by and say hi on my blog. 

Walmart Free or Cheap Items

Free Iams Kitten Food If you have a kitten, here is a great deal!  Walmart has 2lb bags of Iams Kitten food regularly priced at $4.87 -  $5/1 Iams Kitten Food in the 3/1 P&G insert. =FREE Kitten food. If you don’t have a kitten, then consider donating to a local animal shelter in your area!

True North Peanut Nut Clusters 5.5 oz bags $1.00
-$1/1 coupon from SS 2/8/09 (exp. 9/30/09)
Final Price=FREE!!

Wacky Mac $1.26 -$.50 coupon printable=$.76

Ken's salad dressings are $1.78 
Use  $2/1 coupon from the 3/8/09 SS 
Final Price =FREE + $0.22 overage!

Mentos Gum $1
Use with $1/1 coupon expires 4-30-09 (SS 3/1/09)
Final Price =FREE - $0.28

Stacy’s Pita Chips (10-oz.), $1.50
$1.50/1 Stacys Pita Chips, exp. 2-28-09 (SS 1/25/09)
Final Price =FREE

McCormick seasoning packs (taco, chili, etc) rollback to $0.50
-$0.25/2 coupon
Final Price= $0.37 each 

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt $2.00 -$1=$1

Quaker Rice Cakes, $1.36 -$1/1 Quaker Rice Snack Product, exp. 3-31-09 (V 1/18/09)
Final Price=$0.36

South Beach Bars, $2.39 -$2 Ip coupon =$.39cents coupon here  http:// www.southbeachdiet.com/sbd/publicsite/how-it-works/convenience-foods2.aspx

Thursday 3/12/08

Here's what's instore for me today. Cleaning, Laundry, taking children to the Omaha Children's Museum. Working on grocery deals for this weekend. Bakers is having a Mega Sale so i have to take advantage of that. Always love that store. So friendly, and even if a problem does occur they do take care of it. 

Mentioning of the Omaha Children's Museum: Did you know you can get a membership for $5 throughj the Welcome Fund, if you can not afford the membership and meet the income guidelines ? I found that out and had to share with you. 

Eligibility by Income

Persons in Family
 1 -$19,240
 2 -$25,900
 3 -$32,560
 4 -$39,220
 5 -$45,880
 6 -$52,540
 7 -$59,200
 8 -$65,860

For more information Contact: Mandi Duracinski at mduracinski@ocm.org or at (402) 342-6164 ext. 423

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3/11 Redbox Movie Code

Todays Code is: JBG123 

Craft for 3/11/09

Is your child obsessed with trains ? If so you can print some out and make some. We have made 2 trains so far, you know you can't just make one because the other needs a friend. Click on the tittle to make them. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Deal for Omaha Zoo Pass

HyVee & Omaha Zoo have teamed up in rasing money for the zoo. Right now you can buy a membership for $78 at HyVee. 

Here's the deal. You buy a SAFARI hershey's bar for $10. When you buy the candy bar they will give you a coupon for a Buy 1 get 1 free coupon for the Imax and a Buy 1 get 1 free coupon for the Sky lift. You will also receive $5 off your membership.

THIS IS CONFIRMED, you will pay $78 and get all of the above. I'm not sure how long this will be going on but i wouldn't wait too long. I know membership prices will go up in April to $83

Admission Prices to the zoo for a family of 4 costs :
Children (ages 3 - 11): $7.75 
Adults (ages 12 and over): $11.50

Total $38.50 You visit 2x and you have your membership $ back. It is so worth it. 

Save 80% at www.Restaurant.com  Use code: MENU

Monday, March 9, 2009

Target Deals for week of 3/08/09

Broccoli & Cauliflower on sale this week 2/$3 =$1.50 each. -$1 Target printed coupon =$.50 cents (Some people are claiming there store is selling them for $99, and use the coupon = FREE)

 Motts Applesauce (cups) - $1.69
-$1 Target Coupon Here http://sites.target.com/site/en/supertarget/page.jsp?title=coupons_specials =$.69 cents 
-$.55 coupon here http://motts.com/Promotions/ =$.14cents Total 

Super Odor Neutralizer spray from Renuzit
Use with Target Renuzit $1 off coupon here:http://www.organicgrocerydeals.com/forums/view.php?pg=coupon_generator
Stack with $1 off Renuzit coupon from either last Sunday's paper, or a recent one 
Final Price: FREE!

DanActive and Activia Yogurt (4 pks) - $2.00 each -$1=$1

Market Pantry Soups - $0.60 Use $0.50/2 =$.70 cents coupon here http://sites.target.com/site/en/supertarget/page.jsp?title=coupons_specials&ref=sc_iw_l_1_0

Rold Gold Pretzels (16 oz) - $2.00 -$.55/1 in 3/1 Smart Source inserts. = $1.45

Free Movie Rental Code for 3/09/09

code for March 9, F3T9L6

3/08/09 Walmart Trip

Nothing to brag about today. It was not a very good trip. Just got some things we needed and that was about it. I skipped Bakers this week. I may try to hit them up either Tuesday or i'll wait until the weekend. 

Items Bought: (All items were price matched) Except for the newspaper. Which reminds me. 

How do you like the new price of the newspaper ? $2.00 ??? 

1 Post Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles $1.98 x 2=$3.96

1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix $1.58
1 Great Value Unsalted Butter $1.48
2 Great value Corn muffin Mix $.25x2=$.50
1 Birds Eye Steamfresh rice $1
3 Jacks pepperoni pizza $2.20x3=$6.60
1 BC muffin Mix $.60
2 Fiber One bars box $1.99x2=$3.98
1 Great Value Sugar $1.68
7 Yoplait yogurts $.40x7=$2.80
they scanned 1 too many so they owe me $.40cents
1 Great Value wheat bread $.48cents
1 Natures Pride Bread $2.78 should have been $.99cents
They owe me $2.19 now for both items rang wrong.

1-4pk Angel Soft tp $.99
2lb Carrots $.99
2 Tomato Sauce $.19x2=.38
1 imperial margarine $.49
1 bag potatoes $1.47
2 pks Chicken Breasts $2.77x2=$5.54
1 pk celery $.78
12pk Diet Coke $3.00
2 Tomato paste $.36x2=$.72
2 Yoplus yogurt 4pk $2.08x2=$4.16
2.12ln bananas $1.36
1 Newspaper $2
Total Before Coupons $51.33
Total After Coupons $42.48

Coupon Savings $8.85
And they owe me $2.19 so
Grand Total $40.29

New Budget $2379.78
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

Sunday, March 8, 2009

3/08/09 Walgreens Trip

Went to Walgreens today, awesome deals that i needed this week. I would have shopped more today but i needed to go to Walmart and get my grocery shopping done. So here is what i bought at Walgreens. 

2 pks Huggies Natural Fit Diapers $10x2=$20
1 pk Huggies Natural Care Wipes $6
1 Gillett Gamer Razor $8.99
1 Glade Sense & Spray $7.99
(2) 20 oz. cokes $1.49x2=$2.98
2 Pencils $.39x2=$.78
Total $50.01

And got back $14 in Register Rewards to use next time
-$5 huggies coupon from www.coupons.com 
-$5 huggies coupon from www.coupons.com 
-$4 Gillette Coupon
-$3 Huggies wipes coupon from www.coupons.com 
-$1.49 Walgreens Coke coupon from www.mycokerewards.com enter code into your account   100869373819
-$4 Wagreens glade coupon 
-$16 in Register Rewards
Total After Coupons $7.31 
Total Savings Today $51.96

It's like they paid me $6.69 to take that stuff :0)

New Budget $2420.07
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Target Trip 3/07/09

I went to Target hoping to get the $2.49lb meat, all sold out or either pulled off the shelf. This was at the Target on 120th & K ? I believe. 

1 sutton dodge steak $4.07
1 sutton dodge steak $3.52
1 A1 merinade $1.37
1 Lipton Pumpkin $1.07
1 Motts Apple sauce $1.69
1 Disney Chicken Nuggets $4.99
Total $16.71
-$2 Target Coupon
-$2 Target Coupon
-$1 Target Coupon
-$1 A1 Coupon
-$1 Pillgrims pride fully cooked product 
Total After Coupons $9.71
-$5 Target Gift Card =$4.71

New Budget $2427.38 
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

Friday, March 6, 2009

3/05/09 Walgreens Trip

So i went to Walgreens last night. Not my normal Wags but it was once along  the way. I am really surprised at to how many people working for Walgreens do not even know there own coupon policy. Anyways, here are the items i bought.

Transaction #1

1 Carmex lip balm $2.99
1 Colgate maxfresh tooth paste $3.29
1 Walgreens ibuproffin $1.00
1 Blink Tears $7.99
Total after Coupons $15.27
Total Coupon Savings $12.60

Coupons Used:
-$1.50 Colgate Coupon
-$1.50 Blink Internet Printed Coupon

Got back: 
$8 Register Rewards
$3.50 Register Rewards
$2 Register Rewards

Transaction #2
1 Blink Tears $7.99
1 Nivea Lip Balm $2.99
1 Sambucol $12.99
4 boxes of Ritz $1.99x2=$3.98
1 Twelve pack diet coke $$4.49
1 Funyuns $1.29
Total $34.33
Total After Coupons $9.25
Total Coupon Savings $34.98
Got back: $8 Register Rewards

Coupons Used

-$1.50 Blink Internet Printed Coupon.
-$1.00 Nivea Lip Care Coupon
-$4 Sambucol Internet Printed Coupon

-Walgreen 7 day coupon for Nivea
-$2/2 Ritz Coupon
-$2/2 Ritz Coupon
-$3.50 RR
-$2.50 RR
Now i have $16 in Register Rewards to use starting Sunday.

New Budget $2432.09
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

(Omaha Area) Grocery List and Coupon Match Ups for week of 03/04-03/10

Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.68lb

dozen eggs .88cents
Strawberries .99lb
Jacks Pizza $2.20
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix .60 cents
Coke 12pks $3.66 -$1 =$2.66 coupon from www.mycokerewards.com 
Bartlett Pears .67lb
Green Giant 5lb bag potatoes $1.47
Chicken hind quarters .39lb

Starkist canned tuna $.58cents 
Hungry Jack Pancake mix $1.58 -.55 =$1.03 coupon from 01-11-09 newspaper
Nature's Pride bread $1.98 -.55 = $1.43 coupon from 02-22-09 newspaper 

Store Coupons
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels $.99cents Combine with $1 off internet printed coupon =FREE

Red or green grapes .88lb
HH, Tuna Helper or Chicken helper $.88cents (some boxes have .50cent coupon inside, so ifyou have bought before you may have the coupon. If so they would be .33cents OR $1/3 = $1.64 coupon from http://family-cents.com/
Bakers gal millk $1.99
Sara Lee whole grain white bread $1.48
Ice Cream pails $2.99
Big K 12pk pop $1.77
Angel soft 4pk $.99cents

Rubbermade storage containers $1.99 -$1/2 = $2.98 coupon from 01-25-09 newspaper OR -$1 =$.99cents coupon from http://www.rubbermaid.com/rubbermaid/coupons/coupon2009.jhtml?fmalink=Save%20BIG%20on%20Rubbermaid%20Products_promo
Chicken breasts $1.79lb
Buy 10 Items get $5 off- Limit 3 rewards
4.25 oz or Nestle Frozen Lemonade 12 oz Select Varieties $.99cents
Kroger Pints, Haagen Dazs Cups $.99
Stouffer's or Lean Cuisine Entrees $2.29-$2/5 = $9.45 coupon from 02-01-09 newspaper 
6-20 oz or Hungry-Man Dinners 14-19 oz Select Varieties Mix or Match $2.29
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream $3.49 
Pint, Breyer's Ice Cream 48-56 oz or Sara Lee Pies or Cakes 7.5-37 oz Select Varieties $3.49
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels $2.39 -$1 off internet printed coupon =$1.39
T.G.I. Friday's Appetizers $2.99
Freschetta Pizza Select Varieties 10.6-29.64 oz Mix or Match $4.99-$1 =$3.99 coupon from 03-01-09 

Buy 3 get $3 off Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies 3/$9 12.5-18 oz, Club Crackers 9-16 oz, Sandies Cookies 9.5-16 oz or Town House Crackers 11.7-16 oz Select Varieties
Van de Kamp's Seafood $4.49
Gorton's Seafood $3.99 -$1=$2.99 coupon from 03-01-09 

Here's the plan I am thinking about:
(2) Nestle Frozen Lemonade =$1.98
(2) Lean Cuisine Entrees =$4.58 -$1.50 catalina =$3.08
(1)T.G.I. Friday's Appetizers $2.99
(3)Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies 3/$9 12.5-18 oz, Club Crackers 9-16 oz, Sandies Cookies 9.5-16 oz =$9 -$3=$3-$1=$2 total
(1)Van de Kamp's Seafood $4.49 -$1=$3.49
(1) Gorton's Seafood $3.99 -$1=$2.99 
Total $11.53

Cantaloupe $1.58
HyVee shredded cheese $.99cents
Monteray whole white mushrooms $.99
Blackberries 5.6oz $1.50
HyVee tomato sauce 8oz. $.19 cents 
Midwest County Fare sugar $1.68
Post Kids Cereals $1.88 there are $1 and .55 cent coupon from 03-01-09 newspaper
African Violett in 4inch pot $1.88
HyVee Ice Cream 1.75 qt $1.88.
HyVee butter 16oz. $1.48
Breyers Ice cream 48 oz. $2.68
Tony's Pizza pouches $1
Healthy choice dinners $2 -$1/2 =$3 coupon from 02-08-09 newspaper
HyVee garden salad 16oz .68 cents
HyVee canned fruit 15-15.25oz .88cents
Midwest or Country Fare baking mixes 6.5-8.5oz 4/$1=.25cents each
Carrots 2lb bag $.99cents

Store Coupons
Powerade buy Two 8 or 10ct. Get 1 Free- Some of the packages have $1 off coupons
HyVee white bread .48 cents
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce .79 cents
Purchase a Haeir Freezer $199.00 get $200 in coupons for free. 


Pasta or Rice a roni .75 cents -.50= $.25cents coupon usually on www.smartsource.com 
Imperial stick spread .49 cents
Charmin Basic 12 rolls $4.95 -.25=$4.70 coupon from 03-01-09 newspaper 
Totino's Pizza Rolls 7.5oz $1 -$1/2 = $1 coupon from 02-08-09 newspaper 
Swanson Classic Dinenrs $1.19
Yellow Onions .79lb
Lemmons 2/$1
Natures Pride bread Buy 1 Get 1 Free -.55 = ? coupon from 02-22-09 newspaper 

Prego Sauce $1.79
Our Family 64oz Ice Cream $1.99
Tombstone Pizza's $2.50
Store Coupons
Save $1 when you buy 12 Yopliat Light yogurts (price 10/$4)
Buy 3 Our Family Frozen Products get $1 off- Combine with ice cream =$1.99x3=$5.97- $1=$4.97

baby carrots 1lb. $.99cents
Rotellas hoagie or brat buns $.99cents


Sorry about not posting yesterday. I have been feeling kinda sluggish this week. I received word that Pamida is going to double coupons.

March 7th-13th they will double up to $1 in coupons. They will not accept Internet Printed coupons though.
I find there store to be over priced but i have been able to get a couple deals there before. Once they had Betty Crocker Pumpkin Muffins and Cranberry Orange Muffins for $1 a box i had $.55 off coupons so i got 4 boxes of muffins for FREE. So if i am out that way again during this time i may venture in there. Otherwise it's not worth a drive for me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello all, i hope all is well with you. Yesterday i made some choc. chip muffins, everyone ate them.

I had only 1. I didn't like them. Never use that recipe again, lol.

We ended up having Chicken & Bacon BBQ Tacos last night instead. They turned out yummy. I will fix again. I just hate spending all that time cooking the bacon. 

Have you heard ? REDBOX is now offering FREE Movie Rentals on Wed. too!

This will be during the month of MARCH. Today's code is 75EA16

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday 3/3/09

I hope your day is going well today. Mine is pretty well. I've been cleaning today not as much as i should though, lol. It's an improvement though. And i have things planned for dinner. I forgot the bread so i have to go get that though.  I didn't have to get the bread, lol we had left over taco shells, yeah. 

I wanted to share something w/ you all today. I received an email for Free Build A Bear Animal Coupon. Value up to $12 or $12 off my animal purchase. 
Coupon is good for 3/6-3/8 only. Can only be printed 1x it says. So keep an eye out in your email box.
Coupon  looks like this one below but a few things different. 

You could win a $10 Barnes & Noble e-Gift Card

Mom Saves Money is giving away a $10 Barnes & Noble e-Gift Card!

Check out her site to learn more about her very generous offer. You can click on the tittle to take you to her site or you can click her button on the bottom of this page. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Redbox Movie Rental Code for 3/2 Only

Code for today is MS72K3

Meal Planning Monday

This weeks menu is nothing fancy by all means. Were trying to spend less this month and eat more cooked meals from home. Last week we had fast food a few times.  I want to empty out our freezer and pantry some.

Sunday- Spaghetti & Breadsticks

Monday- Tacos w/ corn

Tuesday- Bacon & Chicken Sandwiches

Wed.-Bourbon Chicken & Rice

Thursday- Crockpot Ribs & Veggies

Friday-Tuna Mac & Cheese w/ peas

Saturday-Pizza Pasta Bake

What is on your menu this week ? I'd love to hear what your fixing and what your saving. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Coupon Box

Often times i am asked what do i hold my coupons in ? This is my coupon box. Nothing fancy and certainly not special to others. Special enough for me though since it serves my purpose and it only cost me $1.99 I have had my box now for over 1 yr and it is still doing well.

What do you hold your coupons in ? 

Grocery Trip 3/1

Please excuse the mess around my table. I have girl scout cookies and the boxes all over my spare dining room.

Well i got some decent deals but went over budget today.  As usual i price matched at Walmart and bought a few things at bakers. Pics will be posted later of my other Bakers Trip


Price Matched Items
2 pks chicken breasts $3.10x2=$6.20
2.74lbs green grapes $2.03
Oscar mayer hotdogs $.99
1 pk strawberries $1.99
1lb baby carrots $.99
2 Jacks Pizza's $2.29
2 Mentos gum $1x2=$2

2.19lbs bananas $.83
1 Breyers Ice Cream $2.88
2 Rice Cream Milk $.88x2=$1.76
3 GM Cereals $1.67x3=$5.01
1 50oz Tide $4.98
2 small Folgers $2.50x2=$5
2 Mac & Cheese .46x2=$.92
1 doz large eggs $.88
1 bag Sunchips $2.69
1 Nabisco Snack pack cookies $1
2 Mac & Cheese Dinenrs $1.50x2=$3
4 pks Little debbie cakes $1x4=$4
2 Gum 10pk $1x2=$2
1 12pk Diet Coke $3.66

4 Roma Tomatoes =.33cents

Regular Priced Items
2 Ground Turkey $1.58x2 $3.16
2 pk Rolaids $1.32x2=$2.64
1 Flour Tortilla's $1.48
1 Zip lock bags $2.68
1 jif PB $2.22
3 Cans Purina One Dog food $1.27x3=$3.81 
2 Banquet Pizza Pasta $6
Total Before Coupons $96.91
Total After Coupons $61.52
Total Coupon Saved $31.59

New Budget $2456.24
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98


Transaction #1
2 pks Comfort Diapers $6.99
Total Before Coupons $13.98
Total After Coupons $7.98

Total Coupon Saved $6.00

New Budget $2448.26
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98

Walmart Trip #2

5 bags of sugar free turtles candy $1.50x5=$7.50
6 Bags Combos $1.58x6=$9.48

4 pears .99cents
Total Before Coupons $16.98
Total After Coupons $3.47

Total Coupon Saved $14.50

New Budget $2454.75
Mail In Rebate Savings $9.98


HyVee- Dream Rice Milk for .13 Cents

I am not sure if this is regional or not but at my HyVee in Omaha, Ne. The on on 50th & center. I found Dream Rice Milk, vanilla for .88cents. Then you -.75 coupon = .13cents
Coupon from there website. You can print 2x. 

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