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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm waiting for the dentist office to call me back. I am needing to get in and see someone soon. I have a horrible tooth ache and i was up a lot last night from it. I sure hope i can get in today. Well there not getting me in until Tuesday. WONDERFUL.

~Here's you a few deals~

Every weekday between 2pm-5pm, McDonald’s will be offering drinks 2 for the price of 1. The drinks included are lattes, McCafe’ mochas, cappuccinos and soft drinks.
Not quite sure when this offer will end.

.25 Pizza from Papa John’s

Here’s how it works: If the opening kickoff of the Big Game is returned for a touchdown, everyone who pre-registers will be eligible to receive a LARGE 1-topping pizza for just 25 CENTS! Register here http://www.papajohns.com/countdown/index.html

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1/27/09 Sams Shopping Trip

I needed some more Strawberries now that my family is hooked on those smoothies.
I went to Sams Club to get them
4lbs Strawberries $7.76
3lb bananas $1.48
Total $9.24

I forgot to include eating out 1x this week at McDonalds. $10.34
New Budget $2710.93

Menu for week of 1/25-1/31

Monday - McDonalds
Tuesday- Turkey Pot Pies
Wed. Penne Pasta w/ meat & French Bread
Thursday- Crockpot Porkchops & Some sort of Steamers
Friday- Not Sure Yet
Sat.- Not Sure


Todays freebie is FREE Coffee From Panera Bread.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1/25/09 Shopping Trip

I went to Walmart & Bakers.
1st Store Bakers
Items bought...
1 Purina dog food $5.09- It was a smaller bag and on clearance
Quaker White cheese rice cakes $2.75
5 pk Fresh Corn .39cents
Celery $1
5# Potatoes $1.49
2 pks Honey Suckle Ground Turkey $5
1 Twenty oz. Coke $1.39 - Hubby needed it he said :0( LOL
1 Gerber Splash Drink $2.10
1 Danactive yogurt $2
Items for Mega Sale- Buy 10 get $5 off
2 Pace Picante sauce $4
1 Pepsi 12pk $3.49
1 Goldfish crackers $1.59
2 Philly Cream Cheese $1.50
1 Heinz Ketchup $2
2 pks Kraft Shredded Cheese $3.98
1 Chex mix $2.19
1 Turkey Roaster Foil Pan $2.65
Total $56.76
Grand Total After Coupons $26.55

I'll post my walmart trip when i find my receipt.

New Budget $2730.51

Happy Tuesday

Today is a good day so far, no complaints yet, lol. I have been making some meals today. I have made 2 meals from one. I am making Turkey Noodle soup which i will freeze and i am making Turkey Pot Pies and we will eat tonight.

I'm also making Strawberry Smoothies today and will freeze some and have some ready for daughter when she comes home from school. I also plan to make some Fried Strawberry Pies. Thanks for the recipe http://www.allthingsfrugal.net/

Tonight i may make overnight french toast and freeze. We usually eat nothing other than cereal, toast,bagels and yogurts for breakfasts. So we like to make ahead pancakes, french toast and freeze them and have them when we want or sometimes have breakfast for dinner. Last week i made buttermilk pancakes, pumpkin pancakes and blueberry pancakes. We have buttermilk and blueberry left in the freezer. There are some good sales out there but i have been trying not to shop. This budget thing for the year is hard, lol.i

Freebies for today is.... Free 2 liter or 20 oz. of Dr. Pepper!

Free Mini Fruit & Yogurt Parfait at Bob Evans
I have no Bob's here but remember it growing up.

**UPDATE** Ok, i made the smoothies they are actually good. It doesn't make as much as i would like but they do help get rid of mushy fruit. Recipe i used was:

Strawberry Blender Smoothies

12 oz Orange or Pineapple juice

1 banana
3/4C Strawberries, sliced
2 Tablespoons powdered sugar- (I used less and it was fine.)
*Blend with or with out ice. I didn't use ice and i used orange juice. I wanted to use pineapple but we didn't have any.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hectic Monday

It's Hectic Monday again. Everyone starting the new work/School week. Sorry i had not posted for a few days. Took some time off to spend w/ the family.

Yesterday went to the grocery store and we spun out because of the snow. We didn't get much just 3 inches and we thought the roads were pretty much clear until on the way home. We went down 72cnd street and there was a slick hill there. THANKFULLY there was enough room in between cars that we did not hit anyone. There was 1 truck and he moved way over for us when he saw us spinning. My nice hubby stopped the car he slid it into the snow off the side of the road, otherwise we would not have stopped until we hit something. If we would have slid much further off of the snow we would have been in a ditch too. It was more than scary especially when we saw traffic coming into us and they could not stop. A man finally stopped and then a car almost hit him because he was not paying attention and going to fast. We went home and stayed home.

Needless to say were tired of snow now. The snow has been on ground almost everyday since before Christmas. Ok, going to move on about something else now.

I am having my 1st give away!! I will run a contest from 1/26/09 to 2/02/09. I am giving away 50 coupons. All you have to do to be entered into this drawing is... Subscribe to my site or post a message.

Mentioning of freebie here is Mondays free deal:

Free code for Monday, January 26th is 57VH9L and expires at midnight.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Thursday

I hope you have a good day today !! I see we have people from different areas of the world showing up here. Nice to see you and Welcome ! Leave us a message here sometime. :0)

Here's a goodie for you today from Bath & Body Works.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I hope your having a good day today! I'm having a hectic day today. Cleaning and cleaning. I have so much clutter in my house that it's keeping me awake at night thinking about it. I have my Kitchen all clean now. I will work on the living room area tonight.

I wanted to share a nice cause and freebie with you today. Free Pancake Day at IHOP, It's for a good cause. Ok, not really a Freebie but it's cheap and for a good cause. We did this last year. Service was a little slow but not bad.

About National Pancake Day - February 24, 2009

Known also as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, National Pancake Day dates back several centuries to when the English prepped for fasting during Lent. Strict rules prohibited the eating of all dairy products during Lent, so pancakes were made to use up the supply of eggs, milk, butter and other dairy products…hence the name Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday.

Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP has raised nearly two million dollars to support charities in the communities in which it operates. With your help, we hope to raise $1,000,000 for Children’s Miracle Network in 2009!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trip 1/18/09

Today i went to 2 Grocery Stores. Bakers & Walmart, i usually shop there and sometimes hit some other stores depending on the sales and my budget.

1st Store Bakers and items bought....
1 Danactive Yogurt $2
1 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.80 -.50 from shortcuts
Bakers gal milk $2.66
3 Campbells Chunky Soup $1.25x3 =$3.75
1 J&H Buddies Soap Bar .99cents
1 loaf of Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread $1.99
2 Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies $2.59x2 = $5.18
-.50 cents from shortcuts
1 diet coke 12 pk $3.67
1 Huggies Baby wipes $1.59
1 Nabisco crackers snack pk $1
1 Venus Razor $6.95
-$2 from esaver
1 Olay 4pk bath bars $3.50
-$1 shortcuts coupon
1 HI C Strawberry drink pk $1.60
3 Betty Crocker Lasagna Hamburger Helper $1x3=$3
1 Huggies Pull Ups $9.99
-$2 from Esaver
1 Crest Pro Health TP $2.50
-$1.50 Esaver coupon
1 pk hot dog buns .95cents
Total $62.68
Total After All Coupons $29.41
Then i used my $20 gift card from Friday i told you all about and then my total was $9.41
Not bad i don't think.

2cnd Store Walmart- Now i really hate to shop here, but i do because i maximize my savings by price matching here. However my shopping trip was more manageable this time since my favorite guy cashier was working. He's gay and so funny and so nice. He never questions anything and cheers me on and congrats me when i am done shopping. Really he is too funny.

Items bought....
3 boxes of General Mills cereal $2x3=$6
1 Jello Pudding pk $2
1 pk baby carrots .99cents
Blue Bonnet Butter .68cents
1 pk Oscar Mayer hot dogs .99cents
3 Jacks frozen Pizzas $2.50x3= $7.50
8 containers of Yoplait Yogurt .38x8= $3.04
2 Pks BC muffin pks .67x2= $1.34
1 1/2 gal chock milk $1.58
2 Healthy Choice Dinners $1x2=$2
2 boxes Captain Crunch $1.68x2= $3.36
2 Boxes Quaker Life cereal $1.68x2= $3.36
1 box of Quaker Oats $1.48
1 pk Thomas Bagels $1.99
1 Quaker Granola Bars $2
5 Campbells Chunky Soup $1.25x5=$6.25
5 Progresso Soups $1.25x5 = $6.25
1 Purex $2.49
1 Cheeto Puffs $1.88
Rest is Walmarts everyday price
1 Campbells Cream chicken soup $1
1 can Delmonte 50% less salt corn .92cents
1 Tomato Puree $1
1 GV Cheese $1.62
1 Newspaper $1.50
1 pizza crust $3.64 - Will never buy again, Blak
Total $69.08
Total After coupons $51.50

Total of both stores $60.50

New Budget $2757.06

Crazy Tuesday

Oh today is a crazy day. We overslept this am and had to rush everything this am but daughter still made it in time to school. So after she left i had only 30 min to get son and i ready before heading to Sams club.

Tomorrow is the last day to get the membership for $40 and a FREE $25 gift card.
You can get your coupon here http://www.samsclubmemberservices.com/02_PNG_10041_PGMicrosite/Media/PDF/ROP_Final%20010609.pdf

So my MIL and i split the cost of membership and i only had to pay $20 plus we split the difference in gift cards and that made me only out $7.50 for my membership then. Sad part is i was broke so i couldn't buy anything, LOL. All i bought was a Big Sunny D drink for $2.86 and our lunch for $4.86 for my son and i.

There were some good deals there but i had to control myself. Some other good deals are....

Hickory Farms
75% OFF right now and shipping for 2 items is $5.99 Plus you can use coupon code SIZZLE to get an extra 15% Off !!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today starts the week for us. Kids out of school today, going nuts. Let's see what i can get done today, lol. Here is a nice deal if you dine out to Village Inn.

Combine the above deal w/ the following coupon and you have a nice dinner fairly reasonable. Village Inn restaurant, entree 1 FREE when you buy (1)entree and (2) beverages Coupon came from 12-14-08 Sunday Paper Red Plum Insert. Expires 2/28/2009

I think in order for this to really work you would have to have at least 3 people dining with you. For example my bill would look similar to this.....

1 Chicken Steak dinner
1 Free Chicken Steak Dinner
2 Kids Meal
-1 kids meal and you are paying for 2 dinners.
1 kids meal and 1 chicken dinner i pay for. The other 2 would be free.

My local HyVee grocery store has Prairie Farms flavored milks clearanced to .99 cents each. Use the -.30 coupon and it makes it .69cents or the $1/3 = $1.97 for 3.
You can also sign up for coupons on there site.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday

It's Friday!! Yeah made it through another week. And Yeah ,my pipes are no longer frozen! It's still chilly here. Not as bad as it had been. If it weren't for the wind it would be ok. Right now it is 9 outside. Going to try to make a different batch of laundry soap today. I spent all day organizing my bathroom yesterday so i didn't get anything else done. I renamed today because it has turned fabulous, lol. I put a complaint in to out local Bakers store because i had a RX filled and they did not deduct the amount they should have and i waited for over 1 hours for my RX and there were only 3 other customers who had come and gone. I pick my battles when it comes time for putting a complaint in. I just felt this one was needed. So after talking to the manager today he said that they would refund the amount owed and he apologized. So i now have a $20 gift card waiting for me to pick it up. I will do so today. Also, the manager was really nice, however i told him i will not transfer any more rx's there. I will only buy my groceries there. So complaining to companies when needed does get you somewhere. Just remember to follow up w/ a compliment if they try to make your complaint fair or right. I sometimes compliment companies if i have received good service, food, etc. I once received a coupon for a free jar of pickles any size valued to $5.99 Well the largest jar at Walmart was $4.99. So i was happy.

Here's a few goodies to get your weekend off right.

Sign up at Fazolis and get a free Spaghetti. The coupon reads free spaghetti when you buy a spaghetti. http://www.freespaghetti.com/

Free Quaker Delights Sample http://www.quakertruedelights.com/
(note it is not working yet as of 9:37am CST.

Oh Check out your Target if your looking for Areosmith Guitar Hero. There have been claims that Target has the bundle of it for $20

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chilly Thursday

Today is really cold here. It was -15 this am. Now it is -9. I really think school should have been canceled. That not my daughter has far to go, but think of all those poor kids having to stand out in that cold to catch a bus. Some kids show up to school between 7:35-8:00am and School will not let kids in until 8:45am. No safety patrol out today either since it is so cold.

I have no water in my bathroom, only cold in my kitchen. I sure hope my pipes will be ok. I really would also like to take my shower today.

I made my laundry soap yesterday. It didn't turn out like i was hoping for. I think because i stirred it before i should have. So i will try it again w/ a different recipe. I also did not get my bread made, lol but made Hello Dolly bars yum.

So that is what is going on in my life today. Here's hoping where you are you will stay nice and warm.

Walgreens Deals 1/18-12/24
I will try to match up coupons later.

Claritin 30ct $19.99 get $5 RR
Tylenol Cold, Allergy or Sinus 2/$10 get $3 RR
-$1 coupon from 01-04-09 paper =$9 unless you have printed the $4 IP coupon then it would be $6. The $4 IP coupon has been pulled.

Dove Chocolate 2/$7 get $2 RR

Buy $20 get $5RR products listed below
Head & Shoulders $5.99 -$1 coupon from 12-28-08 paper
Olay Bodywash $4.99 -$1 coupon from 12-28-08 paper
Mach 3 razors or Venus 3ct $5.99 -$4 Venus coupon from vocalpoint
Here's my plan on this one
2 Venus Razors
2 head & shoulders
Total $23.96
Total after coupons =$13.96 and get $5RR

Buy 8 or more get $10RR buy 6 get $6RR
Dove Stylers 2/$7= $3.50 each
Sunsilk Shampoo or Conditioner 2/$7=$3.50 each
Degree Deoderant 2/$7= $3.50 each -.75 coupon here http://www.degreewomen.com/Women/Little-Black-Dress.aspx
Qtips 25% Off
Skippy $1.99 -$1/2 coupon from 11-16-08 paper
Ragu $1.99 -$1/2 coupon from 11-16-08 paper

Buy $20 get $10RR items listed below
Aleve 50ct $7 or 75ct $5 -$1 coupon from 01-04-09 paper or -$1 coupon here http://www.bayercare.com/
Bayer $2.50 -$1 coupon from 01-04-09 paper

Buy $20 get $10RR buy $15 get $5RR
Dayquil, Nyquil or Vicks $6
NyQuil or Dayquil $7
Vicks thermometer $13

Buy $10 get $5RR
Dimetapp $3.99 -$1 coupon from 01-11-09 paper
Robitussin $3.99 -$1 coupon from 01-04-09 paper &-$2 coupon from http://www.robitussin.com/

Spend $20 get $10RR Spend $15get $5RR
Pepsi 12pk 5/$15
Pepsi 2 lit. 3/$4
Gatorade 3/$3
Doritos 2/$5
Tostitos 2/$5 & Dip 2/$5
Don't forget the Pepsi Rebate on www.pepsistuff.com

All detergent 26-40lds $4.99
Reesee Clusters 2/$7 -$1 ivc coupon =2/$6
Whitmans Sampler $5.99 -$1 ivc coupon= $4.99
Walgreens coupon $5 off inkjet coupon
Garnier Nutritioniste skin renew,ultra lift or ultra lift pro $3 off ivc coupon
Zyrtec $4 off Walgreens coupn
Dixie plates $1.99
Downy $3.99
EcoPlus CFL light bulbs 5pk $7.99
M&M's 2/5 -$1ivc coupon =2/$4
Angel Soft 4pk $1.29 Walgreens Coupon
Dawn or Joy .99cents w/ walgreens coupon

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Windy Wednesday

Today is known as Windy Wed. here. It is now 1 degree outside and windy. We will be staying inside today. I am making homemade laundry soap today, if i can find my bucket *sigh*

I am also going to cook a ham dinner today then later use the left over ham for bean soup. I will be trying to make cinnamon bread today as well.

We might play some board games tonight after dinner.

Ok, now onto some nice deals for today....

Get a FREE bottle of Suave Shampoo today only!!

If you are on your way to Toys R Us, pick up a free calendar.
Free 2009 calendar with $10 coupons inside (from Toys R Us + Crayola)
it has these coupons:
* Save $1 on any one Crayola product (valid Jan)
* Save $1 on any one Crayola Beginnings product (valid Feb)
* Save $1.5 on any Crayola Color Expressions 3D (valid March)
* Save $1 on any Crayola Color Wonder (valid Apr)
* Save $1.5 on a Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio(valid Jun)
* Save $1 on any Crayola Color Surge product (valid July)
* Save $2 on a Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Center (valid Sept)
* Save $1 on any Crayola Color Explosion product (valid Oct)

Sample Bottle of Veggie Wash
Veggie Wash is the all-natural way to remove wax, soil and agricultural chemicals from produce. Please call 1-800-451-7096 to request a FREE sample bottle of Veggie Wash. Be sure to leave your name and address. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesdays Cheap Stuff

Free Martina McBride MP3 Download

You have to enter code SUAVE in the box

Cheap Lunch At Red Lobster

There is a coupon in the 1/4/09 Smartsource (from the Sunday paper) for $3/2 lunch entrees at Red Lobster. It expires on 2/19/09. Combine this with the new $6.99 lunches and you can get 2 lunches for $10.98 or $5.49 each (get it to-go with extra biscuits). Lunch is served until 3pm.
Here are the $6.99 lunches:

1. Beer-Battered Shrimp and Chips
2. Crunch-Fried Fish Sandwich
3. Maple-Glazed Chicken

Lunch meals from $7.25-$7.50:

1. Shrimp and Wood-Grilled Chicken $7.50
2. Wood-Grilled Chicken BLT $7.25
3. Wood-Grilled Shrimp Skewers $7.25
4. Hand-Tossed Caesar Salad Topped with Wood-Grilled Chicken $7.50
5. Flounder $7.50
6. Crunchy Popcorn Shrimp $7.25

Shopping Trip 1/11/09

I went to 2 stores today. I went to Bakers & Walmart. I price matched everything at Walmart and what i didn't i bought at Bakers.

Bakers Trip
3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal 3/$8
-Three $1 coupons =$5
1 Gallon Milk = FREE when you buy 3 Kellogg's cereals or bars
4 pks of Honey Suckle Ground Turkey meat Buy 1 Get 1 Free it worked out to $1.74 each. Total for all meat $6.96
1 4pk Kroger TP .88
Sunny Delight 8pk $3.65
-.55 couopn =$3.10
2 Fels Naptha soap bars $2.58
1 Cheese Grater $3.69 - Rang up wrong
2 Kroger Shredded Cheese $3.76- Didn't take cellfire coupon from card times .50x2 =$1 owed
1 Orange .50 cents- needed it for a recipe
1 French Bread .99cents -cellfire coupon didn't take off- Forgot to mention it. Lost .50cents
Grand Total $27.46
Since Grater Rang up wrong i got full price of it back and got my $1 back from the coupons not coming off. New Total $22.77

Walmart Trip
8 Yoplait Yogurts .38x8 =$3.04
3 Jacks Peperoni Pizzas $2x3=$6
6 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $2.49x6= $14.94
1 can walmart corn .38
2 cans walmart green beans .38x2=.76
1 walmart kidney beans .38
2 walmart red beans .38x2=.76
1 Cheeto Puffs $1.87
2 Crescent Rolls $1.66 x2=$3.32
1 3lb bag yellow onions .96cents
1 Zesta Crackers $1.38
2 Quaker Quick Oats $1.48x2=$2.96
1 blue bonnet butter .68
3lb bag of Granny Apples $2.39
3lb. bag Gala Apples $2.39
1lb. baby carrots .99
1 Tyson Heat & Eat entree $4.29
1 Folgers big can Coffee $5.77
12 pk 7Up $2.98
Two 4pk of White Cloud TP $4
These next items are Walmarts regular price
3 cans Hunts spaghetti sauce .86x3= $2.58
1 Sauve deodorant .94cents
1 Jello pudding 6pk $2
1 Carnation Breakfast choc. Milk pack $3.92
PWD Bleach $2.98
1 diet coke 12pk $3.33
1 Newspaper $1.50
Total $77.49
Total Out of pocket expense for both stores $82.41

New Budget $2817.56

Monday, January 12, 2009

Redbox Free Movie Rental Code

Redbox are those $1 movies you can rent almost anywhere. On Mondays there are codes to get the movie for FREE! Todays movie code is H48MX2

Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Menu for 1/4/06-1/10/09

It has been brought to my attention that people may get the idea that were only eating Shampoo , lol. No were not i assure you. Or that we are eating out a lot. So i have decided i will post a weekly menu each week of what were having. I have some items that i have stocked in my pantry. We try to eat as much as possible from the Fridge and the pantry.

Here was our menu this week:

Sunday- Rotini with meat , bread & butter

Monday-Tacos w/ corn in the meat

Tuesday-Funny Face pancakes. Pancakes that were served w/ a face of Strawberries & Bananas

Wed.- Homemade Pizza

Thursday-Roast beef w/ carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, celery.

Fri.- Chili & Corn Muffins

Sat. -Kids will pick to eat out - Probably Mc D's- good thing that Mc Rib is back, i don't like McD's

GDA for Walgreens 1/11/09 -1/17/09

Oh, and just wanted to mention this before posting the ad that there is a deal going on right now to Buy 6 boxes of south beach diet bars. On sale for 2/$5 = $15 -$2 printable coupon from South Beach's website = $3 +tax where applicable. Get back a $5 Rebate from Walgreens when you do the mail in rebate at the end of month = $2 Money maker and all bars free after rebate

Here are some good deals for this upcoming ad on Sunday. Now keep in mind there are other deals but these are the deals i think are good or i may be buying.

Hormel ham in a can $1.99
SPAM $1.99 - .40/1 11/2/08 =$1.59 ( i don't like but someone else may)

Motrin 50ct. or Tylenol 40ct -50 ct. $4.99 -$4 internet coupon =.99cents each

Aquafresh $2.99 -$2 Easy saver catalog coupon =.99 -.75 coupon from 01-04-09 = .24cents each

V8 juice $3 -.50 coupon from 01-04-09 paper =$2.50

Oust Air Sanitizer
MQ: Oust Air Sanitizer - 11-23-08 - valid up to $3.49 exp 1/17/09

MATH: 2 @ 3.79 - 3.49 (BOGO MQ) = .30/2

When presenting your IVC coupons present MF coupons first, and IVC coupons last.
IVC coupon Scott tp, cottonelle tp 4dbl pks $2.50 each
There is a rebate on Scott Products- you can read here : http://www.scottcommonsense.com/coupon/
IVC Coupon Quaker Oats b1 $2.79 get 1 Free
-$1 internet printable = $1.79 for 2. If you were divide by 2 = .89 each- good deal.
IVC coupon Colgate b1g1Free $2.79 for 2
-(2) $1.50 coupon from internet = .21 cents overage and 2 free tooth pastes
There is also a $1.50 coupon in the Sept. issue of All You Magazine
IVC Coupon Campbells Select Harvest Soup 4/$5 =$1.25 each
-$1/4 coupon from 12-14-08 paper = $4 -.50/2 coupon from 01-04-09 paper =$3.50 /4 = .87 cents a can
Glade Freshener Kit $7.99 - $4 IVC Coupon =$3.99

Scrubbing Bubbles shower kit $14.99-$5 MAIL IN REBATE =$9.99 -$4 coupon =$5.99 you can print coupon from there site or homemade simple site.

IVC Coupon Bounty Basic .89 a roll -.25 coupon =.64 cents a roll.

IVC Mitchum, lady sped stick or mens $1.99 - $1 coupon from here http://coupons.smartsource.com/WEB/index.aspx?Link=GLPAHOLHDARLS
= .99cents each or -.75 coupon from 10-26-08 = $1.24

IVC coupon Gillette mach or Satin Care shave gel $1.99
-$1 gillette mach coupon =.99 each
-.55 Satin care coupon =$1.44

IVC coupon Kleenex .89 -.50/3 coupon from 01-04-09 = $2.17

Pepsi 12pks 5/$15 get $5 RR
-$1 off Pepsi One coupon =$4 each coupon here http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rkflfqw25059610&bt=wi&o=54246&c=RV&p=R8LGzfCb

Don't forget the pepsi rebate

Other mentionings of this sale....
Fiber One bars are one of the items on the green GM $1 peelies so you could do the same thing with those...
Buy 6 boxes for $12 (minus $6 in coupons) and get $2 RR so that is $4 for 6 boxes.
That is 67 cents per box.

there is a $1 off Fiber One toaster pastries coupon in SOME of the 11/16 SS (mine was only 70 cents but database shows a $1 one out there) and there was a $1 off coupon that was mailed with a sample so you could get them for 67 cents a box too.
It is a mix and match deal so you could get any combo of the 3 deals I posted

buy 2 halls bags @ regular price (let's say $1.99)
total = $3.98
give cashier BOGO and they enter regular price ($3.98-$1.99 = $1.99)
give cashier WAGS Q and they take $1 off for each bag ($1.99 - $2.00 = $0.01 overage)

Orajel Cold Sore medicine $8.49
FREE AFTER REBATE TO WALGREENS -$1 coupon = $7.49 out of pocket & MIR to orajel = $8.49 back from Orajel which means... $15.98 Money Maker

Shopping Trip 1/08/09

Another trip to Walgreens. I was hoping they would have my Progresso soup, they did have some but not the kind i wanted :0( I also mainly went because i needed some nose spray. It's very dry here.

Of course i had to buy some more stuff, someone just slap me.

Transaction #1
2 St. Ives apricot face scrubs $3x2 =$6
1 St. Ives lotion $4
Total $10.70 Total After Coupons = $6.70 and get a $10 RR

Transaction #2
Cottonelle Wipes $1.99 w/ Walgreen Q.
1 Soft Soap .99 w/ Walgreen Q -.35 MFQ =.64cents
1 Affrin Nose Spray $4.99 -$1 IP coupon =$3.99
1 Walgreens Allergy medicine clearanced to $2.69
Total after coupons $10.38 -$5 RR from previous order
Grand total $5.38
Grocery Budget $2914.49
New Budget $2899.97

Shopping Trip 1/05/09

I went to Walgreens hoping to get some deals, i did get some. Still no Progresso Soup :0(

Transaction #1
1 Aleve cold/ sinus $5
3 Flinstone Vitamins
Total $20
- (4) $1 coupons
After Coupons = $17.40
Gor a $10 RR to use on next order and there was a rebate in Sundays paper for this stuff.
So i am not counting this stuff in my budget because i am getting it most of it back by rebate. $10 Rebate =$10 OOP if you want to count it. I rolled It into next order and got back a $5 RR & $4 when all was done.

Transaction #2
1 Apricot St. ives face scrub $3
2 St. Ives lotions
1 Slim quick energy drink $4
Total $15.77
Use $10 RR from before total is now $5.77
Get back (1) $4 RR & (1) $5RR = $9 in RR's

Transaction #3
(1) 12 pk diet coke = $4
(1) 12 pk coke =$4
2 Stayfree maxi pads $2.99
2 Reese whips candy bars 2/$1
1 cottonelle fresh wipes $1.99
1 Garnier shampoo
1 Garnier conditioner
1 Palmolive $1.79
1 Electrasol dish gel packs $3.49
1 pk diapers $5.99
-$9 in RR's from previous order
Plus i will get a $1.50 walgreens rebate at the end of month for the Electrasol so it's actually a
.51cent money maker.

So OOP expense after all coupons and discounts $14.52

Grocery Budget $2914.49
New Budget $2899.97

Shopping Trip 01/04/09

Walmart shopping trip today and items i price matched. Not a very good shopping trip. I hate to post it, lol but i have to if i am keeping track of everything.

2 ben & jerry ice creams 2/$6

Celery .67
10lb. Bag Russet potatoes $2.98
Sara Lee bread $1.77

Chex Mix 8.75 bag .99cents
Green Pepper .50 cents
Hillshire Ultra thin lunch meat $2.50 –( there is a try me free rebate )

baby carrots 1lb. .99cents
Lays Chips , Cheeto Puffs , $1.97 x2= $3.94
Superpretzle $1.99 -
Roberts Dip or Sour Cream 16oz .99cents
Wholners Market
Green Onions 2/.89 =.44 each
Kraft Shredded Cheese ,Block or String $2.25
GM Cereals 10.6-14oz box $1.77x3 = $5.31
Smuckers grape jelly or Jam .99cents x3= $2.97
Yoplait yogurt 4-6oz .38cents
Taco Bell Shells $1.49
Downy 64oz. Original or Clean breeze only $2.78
Honey Suckle ground turkey or ground italian turkey 1.2lb $2.79
Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Bologna or Cotto Salami .99 each

Items regular priced walmart
1 pk of ground turkey $2.35

Items Clearanced from Walmart
1 windsock for daughter .35
1Christmas dinner plate set $3.75

Bakers Only
Hotdog buns $1
spend $25 or MORE on participating P&G items get $5 off your order.

Cascade pacs $3.99 x2= $7.98
Dawn 22-28oz $2.99
Swiffer sweeper wet or dry refills $4.49
Herbal Essences Hair care x2 =$5.76
Aussie $2.88 x2=$5.76
Total For Bakers
Kroger Pumpkin Egg Nog .50
2 Coffeemates $2total
2 Oscar mayer deli creations $5 for 2
Total after coupons =$23.86

Grand total for Walmart & Bakers Combined

There may have been a few items i forgot to add as well, but total does not go up.
Items i need to subtract from my budget are..
1 windsock for daughter .35
1Christmas dinner plate set $3.75
Total $4.38 I've included tax in that as well.

SO GRAND TOTAL spent from budget today is $72.27
Grocery Budget $2,986.76
Total Left to spend $2914.49

Hmm, more thinking technically i should only be spending $62.50 a week in order to make the budget work. If i were to go by that then i would be over budget by $9.77 this week, and i still have to buy a package of hamburger meat. So i would be over budget by $16.59- Oh how dissapointing, i think this budget thing may be harder for me than i realize. Especially since i live in LOND.

Target Shopping Trip 1/01/09

1 Christmas Tree $17.49
1 box of cocoa $1.49
1 Dove gift set $3.74
2 small trains $1.24
1 set of ornaments $1.99
2 Christmas bags $1
2 gift lip gloss $1.48
1 diet coke 20 oz. $1.39
2 basket filler paper .50
1 confetti .25
Total $33.24 after Tax
-$20 gift card for survey i did =$13.24
OOP $13.24
Saved $90.76
-$13.24 =
New total Left $2,986.76

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