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The Reason Behind The Blog

I started this blog because i wanted to keep track of how my families money was spent. This will be my 3rd year of blogging.

I have a budget and i follow it. My goal is to spend no more than $3,000 a year. Last several years this is how the budget has came in:
 2010 Spent = $1103.40 
Coupon Savings for 2010 = $2759.75 

2009 Spent = $2165.16
Coupon Savings for 2009 = $3747.31

I am sure i will make the budget again. It may seem like a large budget but everyone has different needs and NO double coupons in Omaha.  Deals will vary from state to state.

What Is included in my budget.
1. all food
2. all HBA (health and beauty items)
3. all dog food
4. all eating out
5. all cleaning supplies
6. all coupons I pay for

What is NOT included in my budget
1. Clothing
2. Gifts
3. Car
4. House
5. Bills
6. Coupons I obtain by using ECB or RR or gift cards, since it costs me nothing.
7. Gas

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