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Where to send Expired Coupons

1 Visit the Overseas Coupon Program web page http://www.ocpnet.org to select an overseas military base to adopt.

2 Gather your expired coupons together and sort into food and non-food piles. Remember, however, that only "manufacturer coupons" are useful; store specific coupons cannot be used in the PX or Commissary shops. 

Coupons can be expired up to TWO MONTHS at the time you send them. Anything older than that, you might as well toss. Remember, however, that you can send current coupons that you do not plan to use.

3 Collect the coupons into baggies or envelopes marked "food" and "non food".

4 These baggies/envelopes will go into a larger envelope for mailing. The Overseas Coupons Programs site 
http://www.ocpnet.org recommends mailing in USPS Priority mailers, which will allow you to send large numbers of coupons for one set fee. This is not necessary, however, if you will be sending smaller bundles that would not make a USPS Priority envelope cost effective.

5 Thoroughly review the Overseas Coupon Program site which has helpful, detailed information regarding adopting a base and mailing coupons properly.

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