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About Me

My name is Laura and i am a 33 year old Q-pon Saving Momma.  I have 2 children, a husband and a crazy dog.

I started using coupons because our family was living paycheck to paycheck. 
Since i am a SAHM i wanted to find a way to cut $ but still not feel like i was scrimping by. 

I was using coupons but not in a way I could maximize them. I started small just by clipping coupons, I thought how could i save more ?

Combine the coupons to a sale. Don't just buy it because you have a coupon.  Combine a store coupon with a man.coupon if the store allows. I ask my neighbors for left over coupons. This gives me multiples if needed for a sale.

Later I started trading coupons with people on the internet and purchasing them too.
Yes i said i bought coupons. Many people sell or will trade coupons online with you. I've
now made this my Hobby.

You too can learn how to do so. If you already do then Great! I love hearing how much people

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