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Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Menu for 1/4/06-1/10/09

It has been brought to my attention that people may get the idea that were only eating Shampoo , lol. No were not i assure you. Or that we are eating out a lot. So i have decided i will post a weekly menu each week of what were having. I have some items that i have stocked in my pantry. We try to eat as much as possible from the Fridge and the pantry.

Here was our menu this week:

Sunday- Rotini with meat , bread & butter

Monday-Tacos w/ corn in the meat

Tuesday-Funny Face pancakes. Pancakes that were served w/ a face of Strawberries & Bananas

Wed.- Homemade Pizza

Thursday-Roast beef w/ carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, celery.

Fri.- Chili & Corn Muffins

Sat. -Kids will pick to eat out - Probably Mc D's- good thing that Mc Rib is back, i don't like McD's


Nicole said...

Hi! I really like your new blog. I posted the answer to your question about the coupons. Here is what I wrote:

@ qponmommy
Thanks for pointing that out.I did not notice the coupon's fine print. I did use the Splenda coupon at Walgreens yesterday. It is coded as a manufacturer's coupon and not as a store coupon, so my guess is you should be able to use it anywhere.

Qponmommy said...

Good to know. Thanks for letting me know.

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