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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Today is a good day so far, no complaints yet, lol. I have been making some meals today. I have made 2 meals from one. I am making Turkey Noodle soup which i will freeze and i am making Turkey Pot Pies and we will eat tonight.

I'm also making Strawberry Smoothies today and will freeze some and have some ready for daughter when she comes home from school. I also plan to make some Fried Strawberry Pies. Thanks for the recipe http://www.allthingsfrugal.net/

Tonight i may make overnight french toast and freeze. We usually eat nothing other than cereal, toast,bagels and yogurts for breakfasts. So we like to make ahead pancakes, french toast and freeze them and have them when we want or sometimes have breakfast for dinner. Last week i made buttermilk pancakes, pumpkin pancakes and blueberry pancakes. We have buttermilk and blueberry left in the freezer. There are some good sales out there but i have been trying not to shop. This budget thing for the year is hard, lol.i

Freebies for today is.... Free 2 liter or 20 oz. of Dr. Pepper!

Free Mini Fruit & Yogurt Parfait at Bob Evans
I have no Bob's here but remember it growing up.

**UPDATE** Ok, i made the smoothies they are actually good. It doesn't make as much as i would like but they do help get rid of mushy fruit. Recipe i used was:

Strawberry Blender Smoothies

12 oz Orange or Pineapple juice

1 banana
3/4C Strawberries, sliced
2 Tablespoons powdered sugar- (I used less and it was fine.)
*Blend with or with out ice. I didn't use ice and i used orange juice. I wanted to use pineapple but we didn't have any.

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