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Friday, January 9, 2009

Shopping Trip 01/04/09

Walmart shopping trip today and items i price matched. Not a very good shopping trip. I hate to post it, lol but i have to if i am keeping track of everything.

2 ben & jerry ice creams 2/$6

Celery .67
10lb. Bag Russet potatoes $2.98
Sara Lee bread $1.77

Chex Mix 8.75 bag .99cents
Green Pepper .50 cents
Hillshire Ultra thin lunch meat $2.50 –( there is a try me free rebate )

baby carrots 1lb. .99cents
Lays Chips , Cheeto Puffs , $1.97 x2= $3.94
Superpretzle $1.99 -
Roberts Dip or Sour Cream 16oz .99cents
Wholners Market
Green Onions 2/.89 =.44 each
Kraft Shredded Cheese ,Block or String $2.25
GM Cereals 10.6-14oz box $1.77x3 = $5.31
Smuckers grape jelly or Jam .99cents x3= $2.97
Yoplait yogurt 4-6oz .38cents
Taco Bell Shells $1.49
Downy 64oz. Original or Clean breeze only $2.78
Honey Suckle ground turkey or ground italian turkey 1.2lb $2.79
Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Bologna or Cotto Salami .99 each

Items regular priced walmart
1 pk of ground turkey $2.35

Items Clearanced from Walmart
1 windsock for daughter .35
1Christmas dinner plate set $3.75

Bakers Only
Hotdog buns $1
spend $25 or MORE on participating P&G items get $5 off your order.

Cascade pacs $3.99 x2= $7.98
Dawn 22-28oz $2.99
Swiffer sweeper wet or dry refills $4.49
Herbal Essences Hair care x2 =$5.76
Aussie $2.88 x2=$5.76
Total For Bakers
Kroger Pumpkin Egg Nog .50
2 Coffeemates $2total
2 Oscar mayer deli creations $5 for 2
Total after coupons =$23.86

Grand total for Walmart & Bakers Combined

There may have been a few items i forgot to add as well, but total does not go up.
Items i need to subtract from my budget are..
1 windsock for daughter .35
1Christmas dinner plate set $3.75
Total $4.38 I've included tax in that as well.

SO GRAND TOTAL spent from budget today is $72.27
Grocery Budget $2,986.76
Total Left to spend $2914.49

Hmm, more thinking technically i should only be spending $62.50 a week in order to make the budget work. If i were to go by that then i would be over budget by $9.77 this week, and i still have to buy a package of hamburger meat. So i would be over budget by $16.59- Oh how dissapointing, i think this budget thing may be harder for me than i realize. Especially since i live in LOND.

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