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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hectic Monday

It's Hectic Monday again. Everyone starting the new work/School week. Sorry i had not posted for a few days. Took some time off to spend w/ the family.

Yesterday went to the grocery store and we spun out because of the snow. We didn't get much just 3 inches and we thought the roads were pretty much clear until on the way home. We went down 72cnd street and there was a slick hill there. THANKFULLY there was enough room in between cars that we did not hit anyone. There was 1 truck and he moved way over for us when he saw us spinning. My nice hubby stopped the car he slid it into the snow off the side of the road, otherwise we would not have stopped until we hit something. If we would have slid much further off of the snow we would have been in a ditch too. It was more than scary especially when we saw traffic coming into us and they could not stop. A man finally stopped and then a car almost hit him because he was not paying attention and going to fast. We went home and stayed home.

Needless to say were tired of snow now. The snow has been on ground almost everyday since before Christmas. Ok, going to move on about something else now.

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