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Sunday, March 6, 2011

NEW UPDATE On Walmarts new coupon policy.

I just got back from the Walmart in Bellevue, they are not honoring there new coupon system. I had one of my favorite cashiers & favorite managers there and they know me well but they would not follow the new rules. Manager: Angela & Cashier Tammi.

EVEN though i had there policy with me they would not look at it and the one snot cashier (should have got his name) Points out to me i know our policy i am the one who trains them. I just wanted to say to him, go away this has nothing to do with you.

Cashier: Tammi confirms with me what my friend R said about price matching new guidelines. Well, these are not new guidelines but they are enforced now as before they were not. The manager of that store has been fined and got into trouble because of sales being down. This Walmart lost $25,000 in 1 WEEK for people price matching items wrong and coupon fraud. You will have to have the ad when you go now or they will not price match it. I did call them on it and said i know they have the ads in the store please pull them out. At first denied then she brought them out. She said she was just scared of getting into trouble. Which i understand. So in the end my items were price matched.

NOW onto the new coupon policy...
They will accept other stores catalinas BUT they will not accept the RR's - (Register Rewards) I explained everything about the RR's and told them they indeed had a manufacture's address onto them for redeeming but they keep insisting that they are STORE coupons, even though i pointed out that they stated MANUFACTURE'S Coupon. Then it was brought into well, Targets coupons are the same. NO i told them that the printable coupons did state TARGET WEB COUPON. I was there a good 20 minutes in line trying to educate them and it was just a NO GO. They are all scared now of getting into trouble and losing there jobs. Which i can understand.

They said they would honnor the RR's if you purchased the item you received the RR from. For example the $3 Motrin coupon, you could use it if you purchased the motrin. They won't let you use it on anything as Walgreens does.

Manager Angela mentioned to me that they are going to be changing the coupon policy. I told her that they just did and she said nope they will be changing it again soon to not accept the catalinas and store coupons. I also want to point out neither cashier or manager yelled at me, and i did not yell at them either.

So what does this mean for me ?? Well, it just confirms another reason why i DO NOT like Walmart and another reason for me not to shop there. Just thought i would pass along the info you you all. Let me know what you have experienced.

ANOTHER UPDATE: So they lost this $25,000 in 1 week. Well, maybe it is also partially due to the EMPLOYEES. See the cashier was informed to accept my FREE Advil coupon from Walgreens because it had all the requirements for some odd ball reason vs. the others did not, lol. Anyhow she was told to enter the price of item as vendor coupon and then just throw away my coupon. Now WHY on earth would you do that ? That is throwing $3.99 away in the trash. SO this is how they train there cashiers ?? No wonder you are losing money Walmart, and if you were just throwing away the coupon what was wrong with accepting the Register Reward again ?

If you have encountered a problem at Walmart you can contact Walmart by the following:

CEO of Walmart

Corporate contact info:
702 Southwest 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716
United States - Map
1-479-2734000 (Phone)
1-479-2734053 (Fax)

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ericka said...

I was at the WalMart in Papillion yesterday and they have the poor cashiers scared to death. It is fine that you have to have the ad, but they need to have signs posted so I don't waste my time, which I did on Saturday and I knew they had the ads in the store also. My cashier yesterday was scared to death to take my coupons or to price match Aldi's fruit. She finally did, but I was checking out for a good 10 minutes and I purchased less than 20 items, priced match only 6 and had only 6 coupons!! I called the manager when I left and he agreed that I was correct and they would have another meeting with their cashiers. The only reason I go there is for ease of transaction, and since that doesn't seem to be happening anymore I will shop elsewhere.

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