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Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is the day !!

I have only been dreaming about this day for at least a year now. If you know me by now you know i am always broke. As i have stated before we are a 1 income family, my husband provides the money and i provided the babies, well kinda. All our $ goes to bills, no credit cards but just your everyday living expenses and a house payment. Anyhow on to the point.

I have had bad tires on my car now for at least a year if not longer. Praying to not hit any potholes, huge rocks, glass and any other sharp object. I can finally say i will be getting my tires!! They may not get put on today but they will at least be in the shop i have been told. Tomorrow i will go and get them put on whoo hoo!! I am also getting a discount, I am price matching Firestone's Tires for $303.00 Now my car repair bill is up to $750.00 So far cheaper than what the first car repair shop quoted me.

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