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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coupon Class 11-19-2011

Coupon Class

Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00pm
Place: Lansky’s – Omaha Location
4601 S 50th St # 200
Omaha, NE 68117-1355

What is included in the cost ?

Your Meal & Drink (tipping for staff is not included)

The meal - pizza & drinks

Your Handout Packet, Your Coupons, Prizes you can enter

What to expect at the class :

We will talk about ways of saving

Organizing Your Coupons

What types of coupons

Where to find coupons

What are the best stores to find the deals in and much more

You MUST RSVP to attend the class and you MUST pay at the class before the class begins in order to attend. Space is limited and slots will fill up fast. If for some reason you decide you can not attend after RSVPing please, please just let me know so that way if someone is put on a waiting list they can be added to attend the class.

To RSVP - send an email to Ggbwg@cox.net

Subject: Lansky's Coupon Class 11-19-11

If time is allowed at the end of class you can bring your coupons and trade them with others. I look forward to meeting you and helping you save your money! If you would like to Qpon Saving Mommas to hold a class for you. Please just let me know.


Angie said...

How many spots are still open?

Qponmommy said...

Many we only have 3 RSVP's as of now.

Angie said...

What is the class size limit, I want to get a group of my friends to go, but was just curious at what number you are capping the class size at? Thanks!

Qponmommy said...

40 is the max we can go. Thanks for asking :0)

Angie said...

wow, ok, that is a lot, do you generally get that many people in a class?

Qponmommy said...

I have had classes before that was filled to 40. I have had classes as low as 15 too.

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