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Monday, October 15, 2012

My HyVee Shopping Trips 10/15/2012

So i decided to hit up HyVee today because of the double coupons.I found a few bargains. I went to 4 different HyVee's that way i would not be clearing any shelves. Each store has been plenty stocked on the items i purchased.

Items purchased:
13 Mini Can Halloween 6 pack pops $1.99 x 13 = $25.87
(Some will be handed out at Halloween and My sons Halloween Party at school.)

14 Yakisoba $0.79 x 14 = $11.06
1 Kraft Homestyle Bowl $2.28
1 Sobe Water $1
1 Ideal Water missing from pic ( got thirsty ) $0.88
2 Suave Deodorant $1.77 x 2 = $3.54
1 Muir Glen Pizza Sauce $1.99
1 Fresh Select Pet Dog Food Roll $3.45
1 Fresh Select Pet Dog Food in square $2.19
1 Johnsonvill Italian Sausage $3.99
1 Snickers $0.60
1 Milky Way $0.60
2 King Size Hershey Bars $1.48 x2 $2.96
(panicked at register needed filler item)
Total Before Coupons $60.41
Total After Coupons $8.86


Jon M said...

When does Hy-Vee double coupons? I thought they never doubled coupons.

Qponmommy said...

HyVee has been doubling coupons for a while now. It is a promotion that they do only every so often. Last month they did it around 09/14 and this month it started on 10/14. It usually only runs for about 3 days each time they do it.

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