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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Westwood Vent Cleaning Services 63% Discount

Now is a perfect time to get your dryer or house vents cleaned. Get your house in order just before winter gets here. You have 2 options for this deal :

Option #1 Pay $45 for a dryer-vent cleaning (a $120 value)
Option #2 Pay $69 for air-duct cleaning for up to 10 vents (a $200 value)

You can get this deal here http://www.groupon.com/l/uu1723801


Duct Cleaning Toronto said...
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Robert L. Callahan said...

Customers are often surprised by the actual cost once the work is complete. Avoid unneeded additional services, and clean the entire system. These companies most often work on commission for what they sell you.

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