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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cheap Hot Dogs At Bakers

I just did a transaction at Bakers on Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. They are in the buy 10 get $5 off Mega Sale. Here's what i did...

Bought 8 packs of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1.59 x 8 = $12.72
Bought 2 Turkey Hill 1/2 gal Tea $0.75 x 2 = $1.50
Used (4) $1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs Printable Coupons http://lm.logicalmedia.com/z/29761/CD6207/cid=17545038

Paid $10.22 & Got a $5 Coupon Back


Anonymous said...

What is the $5 coupon that you got back? I see no mention in the ad? What am I missing?

Jeremy said...

Thank you for the matchup looks like it's part of the oscar mayer/kraft catalina deal if you would've bought 2 more packs you would've gotten $10 back which is a .20 moneymaker

Jeremy said...

Edit: My math was a little off 1.59 - .50 = 1.09*10 = 10.90-$10CAT=.90 for 10 hotdogs

Qponmommy said...

The catalina coupon is a promo running right now at several stores. It is running until 09/15.

Qponmommy said...

Jeremy ~ Yep i realized that after i purchased my dogs. When i went i actually did not know of the catalina deal, since i just got back into town.

The $1.59 price i have listed is after the $5 discount when you buy 10 get $5 off, so you won't be able to get an additional $0.50 off sorry.

Here's the Math:
10 hot dogs $2.09 x 10 = $20.90
-$5 for sale
-(4) $1/2 Printable Coupons (must have access to 2 computers)
Pay $11.90 and get $10 catalina.
After catalina it is like paying $1.90 for 10 packs, which equal $0.19 a pack.

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