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Friday, July 6, 2012

What is that i hear ? Tax Free Shopping Day

Starting 08/03 and 08-04 you can go shopping and get no tax on your bill. It does not apply to all purchases so you will want to read up and figure out your strategy.

This only applies to Iowa not Nebraska. So head across the bridge August 3rd or 4th and save your self some money. For more info you can read about it  HERE

Some of the items that are exempt are :

Athletic socks
Baby bibs, clothes, diapers, receiving blankets
Bathing suits, caps, cover-ups
Boots, general purpose
Bridal apparel, sold not rented
*Ladies might be a good time to get the dress or dresses for your maid of honnor or so.
Children’s novelty costumes
 *Think ahead for Halloween
 Coats and wraps
 Cowboy boots   Yee Haw

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