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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cheaper gas through Bakers & Kwik Shop

Remember the post i posted the other day about getting cheaper gas ? Well, i went and filled my car up last night. I purchased my regular grocery shopping at Bakers and then i also purchased (2) Shell & 1 BP gas Gift Card in the last week. Right now you can earn double fuel points. So for every 100 points you get $0.10 off per gallon.  I had 580 points so i got $0.50 off a gallon.  I also went to the only Quick Shop in Council Bluffs since i was already there, sometimes Council Bluffs gas is cheaper. 



Kwik Shop in Omaha prices $3.41 gallon. So as you can by going to CB i saved $0.15 a gallon before my discount anyhow. Now are you wondering why i bought Shell & BP gas cards, but went to Kwik Shop ? Simple, for my husband since BP & Shell don't take a Bakers discount card. 

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