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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My $12 Shopping Trip To Walmart

Total Before Coupons: 60.56
Total After Coupons $12.00
Total Savings $48.56


Anonymous said...

Which walmart did u go to? Where in the store are the dog food bags located? Are there any left? Ive got qpons but can't find them. Sorry for all the questions. Also what coupon did u use on the Popsicles, I printed two a while back online(is there a different coupon too) thanks a ton, u are a great couponer.

Qponmommy said...

I'm sorry i didn't see your message until today and now the coupon is expired. For future reference in case we ever get that coupon again, they were just hanging on a strip by the end cap of dog foods. I had the $1/1 Printable pocicle coupons and $0.50/1 Printable Popcicle Coupons.

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