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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of year gifts for teachers

Every year i try to do something a little different for the teachers at school. They deserve a little gift of some kind since they teach our kids year long, and put up with so much. We made little summer gifts w/ a poem i made up.The kids helped me assimble the gifts and chose the flavors, colors. My cost was $2.36 per teacher, total spent $14.16 if i wouldn't had used coupons gift cards it would have cost me $59.76 we made 6 of these gifts total. Poem bellow.

Thanks for the Snickers through the year! (Snickerdoodles cookie mix)
I hope you can enjoy your break this summer by the pool. (Sunblock & Beach Towel)
OH, but don't over do it because we need you to come back to school, refreshed for the new school year. (Starbucks Refreshers)
Thanks for being a great teacher !


JennJohn son said...

Very cute!
Your poem is very creative.
I assembled a HUGE gift basket of school supplies that I accumulated through couponing and a bunch of Lysol whipes, tissues etc.

Qponmommy said...

Awesome Jenn!

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