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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Give Away !?

Yep whatever i find laying around my house today that i no longer want i will post it on Facebook and the first person to "LIKE" and comment will win the prize. Who know's what it could be, lol. I just gave away 3 inserts from this weeks past paper. So keep your eyes open through out today on Facebook.

If you have not liked on Facebook you can do so by clicking the left side of the screen, where there is a button. Thanks, have a great day!!! Laura

Big Time Winners Are ~
1. 3 Inserts From 01/08/12 = Tricia B.
2. 50 Potluck Coupons =
Shelly M.
Beth O.
3. 2 Smart Source Inserts from 01/08/12 = DuAnn G.
4. 3 GM Inserts from 1/08/12 = Shelly D
5. 2 General Mills Inserts from 01/08/12 = Tonia S.

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