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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just an update....

Many of you may be wondering why there had been no posts lately. I'll just simply say it, i have been crazy busy. I've had to bake and bake and bake some more. Then my husband was injured on his shoulder at work, so with Christmas approaching and all i have just had a lot of stress and really no time to blog yet.

I'm still in the Bring Home The Bacon contest, not a winner yet and really do not expect to be BUT i am giving it my best because you all helped get me there.

Did i tell you i get to see my mom too! Last time i saw her was when we went on vacation this summer. I will also see my sisters which it has been way too long to see them. So yes, stressed and busy i am. If i get a chance to blog before Christmas i will try to do so. I just thought i would give you an update is all.


Cathy said...

Thanks for letting us know...it's a crazy time of the year.

Hope you (and all who read this) have a wonderful Christmas!

Pat said...

Enjoy the holidays and I hope your husbands shoulder heals quickly.

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