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Thursday, October 6, 2011

PinPoint Card + Vala's Review

I want to start off saying if you have not joined the PinPoint card, you need to do so now!
What is the PinPoint card you ask ?
It is a program that helps you save your money when shopping, dining out or in my case a family outing and it is FREE to join!

How Does it work ?
It works like a debit card, completely secure and filled with rewards. Linked directly to your existing personal checking account, you use the PinPoint Card to make purchases at participating merchants, receiving discounts and earning rewards every time you buy! A secure PIN protects your account and transactions show on your bank statement.

When you sign up you get special coupons mailed to you that you can redeem. These are the coupons i received.
Interested in signing up you can do so HERE

I would also friend them on Facebook
because they run some sweet promotions at times. One promotion recently was you post a picture of your self with your Pinpoint Card and you would get 1 set of FREE Vala Tickets. I hopped right on this since our family had never been to Vala's. I was lucky and was one to be chosen.
We received our tickets and decided we would go Wed. evening right after kids got home from school. We chose Wed. for a couple of reasons.....
  1. It is Discount Family Night ~ You pay $9.99 per person to get in instead of the regular admission of $12.99 per person.
  2. Free S’mores provided by No Frills Supermarket from 6:00pm- 8:00pm
  3. Less Crowded compared to the weekend
I was one of those people who thought Vala's was too expensive, until i got to go and experience it. I feel the price for Vala's is well worth the admission. The staff was extremely friendly, waiting in line to enter Vala's there was no waiting, very fast about checking you through. Many activities for the whole family of all ages not jut for kids.

Some of the things we experienced:
Pig Races ~ after races you can purchase a cute pig nose just for $2 each.
(my kids wearing them)
Pumpkin Eating Dragon Show ~ Best Friendly little dragon around.
Howl-at-the-Moon Stage Shows ~ Last night we saw Crimson Dawn perform. This is a young group of teen age kids that rocked the stage with there music skills.

The Animal Band ~ Great for younger kids, although i did see some teenagers sitting and watching the show.

Train Rides ~ This is my sons favorite activity. The cost is only $3 per person BUT when you sign up for the PinPoint card you get a coupon for Buy 2 Tickets for the cost of 1 !!

Peddle Cars ~ Well, you peddle them around a race track racing others.

Pumpkin Mine ~ The tunnel is just too cool

Storybook Barn ~ This is a cute not scary haunted house like feeling for kids. I felt like a little kid again when i walked through.
Petting Areas ~ Of goats, Lama's, Donkey and Bunny Ville
Plus so much more to do! For a complete list of what you can see visit this link HERE

They have many many good treats at Vala's. Bring your appetite and wallet because you will need it. We ate a Funnel Cake and Potato Ribbons. These were both very good.

What was the cost of my admittance last night you may be wondering ? Here is the math break down:
3 Adults & 2 Kids $9.99 x 5 = $49.95
- Buy 3 admissions get 1 FREE Coupon from PinPoint Card
- FREE Vala Ticket from PinPoint Card Offer From Facebook
Pay $29.97

So i would like to thank you Pinpoint Card & Valla's for a great night! We will have great family memories of this evening.
Sorry if i went overboard with the pics. I just wanted you to see this great place and what you can do for a cheap entertainment night.


tearjerker said...

Hey Laura!

I LOVE Vala's!!! I tell you, about ten years ago I arranged for a voluntary Saturday excursion with the toddler day care class I was teaching. I was quite disappointed that day- it still cost a fortune and they didn't have much- they still had the pig races and the pumpkin eating dragon...but not much else. I hadn't gone for YEARS because of that. Then, about three years ago I broke down and bought the Bag N Save super passes. I discovered they had changed SO MUCH! My favorite activity? The giant air bladders/trampolines! I love getting on those things with my girls! Now, my girls get free admission with their Scottie Saver accounts through our bank, we buy at Bag N Save to get the extra coupons/free pumpkin deal. This year we are going to celebrate Josh's first birthday on a Tuesday night when they have bonfires half off ($30) with whomever in our family can come. We'll be bringing in our own hot dogs/smores (didn't know about the free ones on Wednesdays but the rest of the family can't make it that day). Wonderful memories- and we'll have pictures for Josh later on!

Anonymous said...

Be careful with Pinpoint, their customer service is really REALLY bad. If you ever have to update your info with them you are better off closing your account an opening a new one.

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