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Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Monday :0)

Good Monday to you all ! I hope today will be a good day for you all. So what has been going on in QSM's home ?
  • August 7th was my husbands and i wedding anniversary. We have now been married for 12 years.
  • August 15th was my oldest childs birth day. My little baby is now 11. How time sure does fly. This is the day we started school too!
  • August 17th was my birthday, we'll skip the age details ;)
So AUGUST is always a wild and crazy month for us.

My daughter is in her last year of the school we attend.
My son is just now starting grade K. I think next year he will be sad when his sissy no longer attends the same school he does.
How is everyone ? Hopefully well. We have had some crazy rain storms lately. Last week the hail storm did some damage to my car. Broken windshield, broken mirrors, and body damage. We go see out insurance company today to find out how bad the damage is.

I hear Bellevue got hit pretty bad with the hail today. I also see that Playland Area in Council Bluffs is flooding. Everyone stay safe.

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