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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bag N Save Trips Week Of 8/24 - 8/30

I went and made a trip every day to to Bag N Save with my husband and kids to purchase that wonderful PB that was on sale last week. I did not clear the shelves BUT i can tell you other plenty well did !! Women asking to purchase all cases of the PB at $.99 a jar in 1 trip, ridiculous !! If you plan to purchase more than the limit you need to do a few of the things listed below and which I DID.
  1. Special Order
  2. Shop Various Stores
  3. DON'T Clear the shelf
  4. Price Match at another store
Now that my rant is over i will tell you my shopping trip. After going to 3 different BNS's every day for 1 week straight i purchased 30 Planters PB.
Planters PB $.99 x 30 = $29.70
-(30) $.75/1 Coupons
Paid $7.20
Total Savings $22.50

New Budget $2462.17
Year To Date Coupon Savings $2150.23
Mail In Rebate Savings $24.99


Jeremy said...

I got 4 jars of this stuff. I think its pretty good a little saltier than Peter Pan but definetely can't be beat @ .24 each

Crazy Mama said...

I only had 3 coupons, I am glad I didn't have more, I don't care for it, but it will work great in baking. Extreme couponing has hit are area with a force and I for one hate it.

nichole said...

I agree Crazy Mama, already hate the shelf clearers here in Omaha, went to Hy-Vee last week and the few things I wanted to get were gone, since Hy-Vee price matches, I wish they would only allow what the other store says, like for limits and such, save some for the rest of us too, I mean come on does one really need all that peanut butter, if you are donating it, then fine, but dont take it all!!

Qponmommy said...

Nichole, If you are in reference of me taking all the PB, sorry it was not me.

I never price match to HyVee. HyVee is one of the stores i prefer not to shop at, just because they are usually higher in cost compared to other stores.

As for us using all 30 jars of PB, yes we would use them all. We use PB in many ways, mainly sandwiches and baking. This PB will last us maybe 6 months if we are lucky. We also do donate, i donate to several charities in town.

I never clear a shelf when i go to the store. I purchased exactly the limits every day. I also did the following. Special Ordered, Price Matched to Walmart.

For anyone who knows me, knows i would not clear a shelf. This is 1 thing i always teach people, and anyone who has attended my coupon classes or has been following my blog knows me and knows that.

Nichole said...

I was not referring to you as being a shelf clearer!! I was agreeing with Crazy Mama about the extreme couponing hitting some stores, And if you can use that much peanut butter and donate it and go through the time and energy to obtain that many coupons for just peanut butter and not clear the shelves at the store, then more power to you, it just gets really frustrating for those that do not need to go all out and buy food by the caseload , when all you want is to get 1 or 2 of the items, AGAIN, not referring to you!! I love Hy-Vee on Stoneybrook, they price match to all my ads, and have never had a problem with any of my coupons, and I dont think their prices are high, you just buy what is on sale and what you need and price match, I always save at a minimum of $30 each week just in coupons and price matching there and never spend more than $50 for my groceries for the week!! I don't just see shelf clearing at Hy-Vee either, I see it at Baker's, and CVS, I mean do all the deals have to be wiped out, and I know not everyone can say they will donate.

Qponmommy said...

Unfortunately until that crazy couponing show ends, we will see more shelf clearers upon us. I went to Target 3x this week trying to do the Glade deal, POOF all sold out each time.

That's great that you can save that much each week! I have not been able to save much due to the shelf clearers and having to cut our budget more.

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