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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Target Only Deal: Annual 75% OFF Toy clearance

That's right it is time for Target's toy clearance sale. The shelves are getting emptied by the seconds at the stores. I went last night and purchased items for my daughters b-day and, kids Christmas gifts. I can not show what i purchased, or list what items i purchased but i will give you an updated tally later when kids are not around of how much i saved and how much i spent.

The stores i have went to were Papillion, Council Bluffs, Bellevue and 72cnd location. The stores that had the most supplies were 72cnd location and Papillion. All i can say is if you have not went GO!!! Outside toys and items are only 30% off.

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Anonymous said...

Papillion is wiped out. You may be able to find a few things if you have boys.

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