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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coupon Swap 5/22 At HyVee

Voting has ended for where the swap should be held. We will meet up Sunday at the Shadowlake HyVee, in the cafe. If you plan on coming please bring your coupons & scissors to the swap. Please leave a message here stating if you are attending and how many are attending. I will try to arrive before 4 and have some tables put together.


Qponmommy said...

If anyone has any Kandoo Wipes coupons and you plan not to use them, please please can i have them ? Thank you!

Unknown said...

I will be there. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I plan to come and live just up the street so I can come early and help you get tables together etc.

I may have one friend joining me.

Tori C.

Robert said...

I am coming

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