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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bellevue Berry Farm

Looking to save some money on your produce bill ? Perhaps you may be inticed by the Bellevue Berry Farm ?

Right now you can pick Asparagus i am not sure of the prices on this so you will have to call and find out. If you find out let us know and we will post it.

Starting June 1st Strawberries will be in. They claim it lasts about 3 weeks however i have known them to only last 2 weeks before. Pricing for this runs $1.25 lb That's not too bad since i know when strawberries are on sale here they usually run $2 lb. Except at Walmart in Bellevue they had the 3lb containers yesterday for $1.67!! That must have been a 1x thing because i had never seen them that cheap before at Walmart.

Starting July 1st you should be able to pic Purple Raspberries. Now the price is kind of steep on these. They will run you $2.50 lb

Starting Mid August you should be able to pick Red Raspberries. This will cost $2.50 lb

Of course if you do not want to pick you can call ahead and they will pick them for you and have them ready for you for a higher cost. You can reach The Bellevue Berry Farm at this number 402-331-5500

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