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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bakers Shopping Trip 5/4/11

I didn't do as good as i had before, partially because the sale is not as good as last time and because of being overcharged $8. If you buy the Kraft BBQ Sauce & Propel Waters, watch it because the $.50 is not deducting in the Mega Sale as it should.

Items Bought:
Vlassic Pickle Relish $1x 2 = $2
Kool Aid $2
Similac Formula Ready To Feed $3.92
Kraft Shredded Cheese W/ touch of Philly $1.99

Boulder Chips $1x4= $4
Uncle Bens Rice $1.25x2= $2.50
Quaker Rice Cakes $1.29x2= $2.58
Baby Swiss Cheez Its $2.75
Sargento Cheese Slices $2.79x2= $5.58
Freshetta Pizza Simply Inspired $5.49
Simply Lemonade $2.14
Prilosec $9.99
Chips Ahoy Reese's $2.18 x 5 = $10.90
Milita Coffee Filter $1.49
Kraft BBQ Sauce $.99 x 2 = $1.98
Capri Sun $1.90 x 2 = $3.80
Ragu Sauce $1.67 x 8 = $13.36
Propel Water Singles $.99 x 12 = $11.88
Ozarka 3 liters $.99 x 4 = $3.96

Total Before Coupons $122.08
Total Paid $39.89
(i was overcharged $8. So i will go back and see if they will refund it.)
Total Coupon Savings $82.19

New Budget $2546.81
Year To Date Coupon Savings $1914.48
Mail In Rebate Savings $24.99


Kati said...

Is the stuff you got on the Mega Sale just using that pricing or did you use additional manf. coupons on those items as well?

Nicole said...

Very nice Laura! I went today and stocked up on Silk Almond milk for $0.99 and the cereal for $0.24 (thanks for the coupon link). There are some great deals right now!

Qponmommy said...

The prices on this list is before the $.50 deduction from the mega sale. Then i used manufacture coupons to get my total lower.

Qponmommy said...

Your welcome Nicole ;)

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