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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing Review

I watched the show air last night. I found this one to be a little more enjoyable to watch than the last time the show aired. For anyone that is new to couponing, it really is not that way. It's just reality tv.

First Lady on was J'aime. She is not the average couponer. She is into her looks more than anything. Which is fine, but most of us don't go to the store in 5 inch boots. How on earth could you run in them if you had to beat another couponer at an item, lol.

Her poor husband looked to be upset when she was buying the mustard. He tried leaving 3 and she specifically said " no i want to clear the shelve". This is something that most couponers try not to do. Most of us when we want a huge amount of something we either pre order it, or shop at several stores to get the items.

I believe they said she was using 2500 coupons during her trip and the register would not take the coupons after a certain amount. Poor cashier, she had to manually enter all the coupons then.
*UPDATE* Come to find out she was using coupons fraudulently this is something that us couponers frown upon big time and do not encourage it.

2cnd Lady was Tiffany. I actually enjoyed watching her and her husband competing against each other to see who had the lower amount. They had to separate the orders due to the new coupon policy change at there store.

3rd Lady was Rebecca. All i have to say about her is, this is why it is important we learn our store policies.

4th Lady was Jessica. I originally thought i would not like her but it turns out i enjoyed her more than i thought i would. I noticed she seemed like she was using a ton of catalinas ?

Did anyone else notice that all the contestants had stores that DOUBLE COUPONS? I want them to put a couponer on there that does not get double coupons. That would be more of a competition. I'll tune in next week to watch it again.

What are your thoughts ?


paterd said...

I haven't had time to watch the show yet, I DVR'd it. I didn't realize it was a competition reality show, so I probably won't be watching it now. I really don't like reality shows, except for Pickers and Pawn Stars!

Qponmommy said...

My husband was joking last week saying i should offer 1 on 1 services for families.

Nicole said...

It's definitely extreme. I always wonder what their actual bottom line is when you factor in coupon purchases and catalinas from previous deals, etc.
I do enjoy watching it. My husband called them 'organized hoarders' with their gigantic stockpiles. LOL

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