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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Calling All Couponers.... I need your help

My children's school is having a raffle again this year. Each year they do this and i always contribute in some way with my couponing skills. Last year i donated over 20 bags of gummy bears & worms & board games all for under $10.

This year is a challenge for me because i have to purchase items for 2 classes. Last year i only had 1 child in school. This year i have 2. The themes that they have chosen for me are:

A Day At The Beach - Pre K children

A Magical Movie Night - Grade 5
wish i had known this last week when Tangled was on sale :0(

What i need your help with is finding supplies that i can donate to each teacher. The teacher then creates a basket and it goes up for raffle.

For the day at the beach i am thinking...
Beach towel, pail & sand items, gold fish crackers & fish candies any other suggestions are welcome.

For the Magical Movie Night i am thinking...
Getting a popcorn bucket, putting popcorn , movie and drinks in it. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Now where should i get these items at the best price as well ?
Thank you for your help, Qpon $aving Mommas


nichole said...

My kids are having a carnival at their school as well, I'm looking at things I can donate as well, One of my son's class theme is for dogs/cats, anyone have any pet food coupons to get rid of, would love to have them, willing to trade for coupons you may want, my other son's theme is a car wash(they hardly have any coupons for those kinds of things). I will think of ideas and what not fgor you as well

Anonymous said...

I'd think that beach type stuff would be going on sale soon. If you go to Claire's I have found some "Beachy" type bags on clearance there for just about 1.00. I would check Shopko's clearance for the popcorn type stuff as I could swear I saw it there not that long ago. What if you put in a buck for a "red box" instead of the actual movie? Popcorn, you would be able to print the free coupons for the new orval redenbacher new bowl popcorn and get a few for free and there are coupons online for free skinny pepsi too. (or wait til next week and Hyvee will probably have a 12 pack on the NOW WOW). Good Luck!

Tori C.

Nicole said...

The dollar store would have the beach stuff and popcorn bucket and it would only be $1 each.
You could also add sunblock to the day at the beach.

Great idea!

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