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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spreads as made by The Pioneer Woman

So the Pioneer Woman has a recipe on her site that i thought i would try. I was wanting a snack last night and was limited on ingredients i had. So i made her recipe called Spreads. You can find this recipe on her website HERE/

The recipes was very easy to make but the cookie just was not up to my families expectations. This is a type of shortbread cookie which is covered in chocolate. I am very fond of those two things.

Will i make it again not according to her recipe. If i do attempt it again it will be done a different way. It's not a horrible recipe it is just not what i wanted.

This is the pic of what the cookies looked like after i followed her recipe.
And this is the pic of how i dressed it up a bit because it needed more flavor. I drizzled PB over the top.
It tasted better like this but still not that good.

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