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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pretty Amazing People

I have to say that there are some pretty amazing people in life. Today i got to see that at first hand. I belong to a local group in town and we get together 1x a month and trade our coupons. They knew how much i loved a coupon organizer that i had not been able to buy. I have wanted it for years but i just could not bring myself to spend $30 on myself.

I'm a mom so i come last. My kids & husband always need there clothes, shoes, etc. We always have a lot of bills so that is why i have to make every $ count. I don't live outside my means or anything i just live in Douglas county so that make my house payment really high. Then just every day bills add up.

Anyhow, this group of wonderful ladies purchased the coupon organizer that i had wanted. They even got it in one of my favorite colors! Some of these women i have known 7 years some just a few weeks. I just could not believe they wanted to do this for me and i had no idea. It brought joy and tears to my eyes that someone cares so much. So yes, there are good people still in Omaha, maybe you have just not met them yet.

Thank you again MOM's, you don't know how much this means to me!


Felicia said...

Where can the organizer be purchased

Qponmommy said...

You can purchase it from Ebay

OurHennHouse said...

oh how sweet!!!! That's awesome!

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