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Thursday, March 31, 2011

McLean Beef = HUGE Disappointment

Have any of you ever purchased anything from McLean beef aka Pureley USA ? I never had until Groupon offered a great offer of buy a Mclean beef certificate of $50 for $25. I took advantage of this because meat is expensive and we just hardly ever get good deals on meat. I also thought what a great way to try a new meat company.

I received my invoice from the company and my total looked great. I then looked at my shipment date which stated my order would not arrive until NOVEMBER. That would had been at the time 8 months from now. I emailed the company and asked about this. No answer, 1 week later i call them on the phone. No answer, i leave a very detailed message and ask for them to return my message. Nothing so 2 weeks after contacting the company i get an invoice that says my order has shipped. YEAH, i am excited it finally has shipped. I don't actually have to wait for a cow to finish getting fat and growing before they slaughter it.

I get my package on Tuesday. In the package what seems to be everything there. I start pulling the items out of the cooler. Dry ice first because it was blocking everything. I know not to handle dry ice because of it burning your skin. I pick the bag up and TRY to carry it to the sink. The bag of dry ice was not sealed and fell upon my hands. I ran for the sink so fast to wash it off. Let me just say it burned. After i get that under control i finish going through my items. One container of meat was not sealed and some of the meat containers had small holes in it.

By now i am upset, i email the company and ask them if my meat is safe to eat ? I finally get a phone call that early evening and she said she just wanted to see if my order had arrived. Sure i tell her but i was not pleased with my order. She gasps and ask why not? I then explain to her what had happened. She is mad at this point and thinks i am a complete idiot and talking to me like i have no idea what i am explaining to her. This is the OWNERS of the company by the way. Her husband and her both were there to talk to me.

She then tells me this has never happened before, they have never had a customer complain before. There meat is safe, and bla bla bla. I then asked her if she would purchase a container of meat from the store that was sitting there open ? She pauses for a moment and says well... no i wouldn't. She then tries to explain on her own, i did not ask about the meat process. She CAN'T and even says well, i don't know how to explain it im not a scientist and i can't bring a scientist in. EVENTUALLY she says she would accept me to refund 1lb of the beef at MY EXPENSE.

First off i don't keep dry ice on hand to mail it back or have the funds of what a business would to ship a package like that. I explain that to her she then offers me: TO DRIVE TO HER FARM! I then tell her i am not driving over an hour to get to her farm and that this is redicculous of her. We left the phone conversation with nothing completed and me just being upset.

I contacted Groupon and just asked then what they think i should do over this mess? At this point i only know to contact BBB and Groupon. Groupon was kind enough to offer me a $25 credit. I told them that this was not there mess that the company should fix this not Groupon and i appreciated the offer.

So, i am doing everything i can to get the word out about McLean Beef. So my word of caution is sometimes it may seem like a great deal when it really is not.


Nicole said...

Oh my! That's just nuts. I would not eat that meat either and that's horrible about your hand. Thanks for the warning.

Sehra said...

We buy our meat at a local butcher's.

Van Fleet Meat
7615 Park Drive
Ralston, NE 68127-3943
(402) 331-6939

They process local meat only, it is hormone and antibiotic free and fairly priced. A pound of beef is $3 and a pound of pork is $1.50. They carry specialty items as well, like sausages, brats, bacon, and whole chickens. If you go there frequently enough they almost always charge you less or throw in a bit extra.

The last time we were there it wasn't our normal guy, it was the manager, so while the manager is ringing up our order the other guy holds a finger up to his lips and slips us a couple extra pounds. It was so nice of him.

We have never been unhappy with their products and keep coming back for more. We usually make a bulk run once a month to stock up, that way I can worry about things I can get with coupons. The main reason we keep coming back is the low prices for meat that is hormone and antibiotic free, it means more than you think.

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