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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Krazy Coupon Lady on The Nate Berkus Show

The Nate Berkus Show had a story on about consumers using coupons today. I am glad he did another show about people using coupons. This helps get info out that people do not realize about using coupons. Of course i have some flaws i found with watching this show.

Now don't get me wrong i like The Nate Berkus Show, and he did ask some questions that i thought were pretty good. i didn't like how they started the show, with the ladies running out to stop the transaction. In real life that won't happen. I know, i know got to make it look good for tv.

The family that was chosen i felt really did not seem to be hurting financially as they wanted it to be. The mom says they don't have room to cut costs anywhere BUT a few seconds later states her kids have dance classes ? WHAT ??
I would think that would be a cut in the budget. You need to look at the BIG picture here, and if you are struggeling you will cut things like that out of the budget. Sure you want your kids to succeed in life, but at the same time you want to be able to provide a nice future for them. With that being said, cut out all un necisary costs. Extra activities, cable, cell phones, eating out, etc. You can always add these items later when you are more financialy set. Mom, also states that she never really uses coupons, just occasionaly... there is one problem right there. When using coupons correctly you can slash your bill at least in HALF.

Another couponing show that shows people at stores that double coupons. I love stores like that, but why not show someone who does not use double coupons. Not all areas can get double coupons. I think that is a more challenging story.

I liked how they mentioned about contacting companies for coupons. Not many people realize this.

Shoprite = AWESOME! They donated $5,000 to the family for groceries and they also gave the family a $500 gift card to buy items in there store to give to there local food bank. Can you imagine how much you could buy with $5,000 when using coupons & sales ?

I felt she did self promote a bit too much on his show. All in all about the show i did like it, MUCH better than the TLC show that aired. At least the couponers do not seem to appear crazy as they did on the TLC show.

This is just my 2 cents worth and feelings. I do not mean to offend but please feel free to leave me a message.


Jennifer said...

What's the point of a coupon show if the person they put on the show doesn't even use coupons that often? That seems silly. I agree about cutting bills if it's really necessary. Yes, some people really struggle with their bills but how much of that is their fault? Cable to the max, new cars, extra activities for the kids, new clothes, etc. I have a hard time feeling bad for those people when they have money issues.

Sehra said...

While I do frequent the Krazy Coupon Lady's blog, I can't say I agree with this series. Some people coupon and stockpile because they have to,unlike some of the people on the show that are just plain horders.

I plan for expirations dates, plus the amount of product that will be used. Most conventional items I won't purchase even if they are free. Like deoderant with aluminum, GMO foods, foods with high pesticide usage, BPA and SLS as well as other harmful chemicals are on my do not buy list as well. It's great that some of these things are free but everything comes at a price.

paterd said...

What I noticed is the mother saying she hated spending so much money on food, she wanted to spend it on fun stuff like traveling, etc. Huh? Doesn't food come first? Also, It was misleading for those of us that don't have stores that have the shoppers card and stores that don't do double coupons. We only have one store that has a shoppers card and NO STORES that will double coupons.

They did have some good hints like using your coupons for the smaller sizes. I think the show could have gone into more detail. These ladies surely must buy some of their coupons to be able to save 90% on their bills.

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