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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free $10 Victoria’s Secret Rewards card with any $10 Purchase!

Starting March 1st, every $10 you spend at Victoria’s Secret will get you a Free Rewards Card. Rewards cards are worth at least $10! But can be worth up to $500. You can redeem your Rewards cards starting April 1st -30th.

So if you make a $10 purchase, you will get a $10 Rewards card to get another $10 item free in April! For info please visit there site HERE

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Sehra said...

Is this only with online orders? Or is it for in store too? That would be a sweet deal if you don't have to pay for shipping. I subscribe to Victoria's Secret since they send me card for free panties no purchase necessary every now and then, can't pass that up <3

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