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Friday, January 14, 2011

Coupon Sources

When it comes to finding coupons you need to look elsewhere other than just the newspaper. You may not know this but you can find all kinds of coupons if you look in places other than just the newspaper.

Some examples are:
Tearpad coupons ~ Stores display these often near products
Samples through mail or in person often come w/ a coupon
Printable Coupons ~ Coupons you can print at home
Peelie coupons ~ coupon found on the package.
Contacting companies.

What did that last one get you wondering?? Yes, you can contact your favorite companies and tell them of your favorite products and in return they will usually send you some coupons. They want your business.

In the pic bellow is coupons i received in my mail this week. I contacted these companies between 7-12 days ago. They were fast to send me coupons. Companies would rather here a nice compliment than a complaint.

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