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Friday, January 21, 2011

Bag N Save Shopping Trip 1/21/11

My crazy son wanted to be in the pic w/ his chocolate milk. Yes he is holding a Qpon Saving Mommas Sign, that's my crazy husbands doing.

Ground Sirloin $7.17
Smart Chicken $2.27
Smart Chicken $2.33
Smart Chicken $2.39
1 Campbells Healthy Tomato Soup $1.33
1 Kraft American Cheese Slices $3.59
Donuts 6ct $3.49 (NO i am not eating, i have will power and will fight it)
Robers 1/2 gal Chocolate Milk $.99 x2= $1.98
Roberts 1/2 Strawberry Milk $.99
Village Hearth Light Bread $1.89
Green Giant Russet Potatoes 10lb $2.77
Total $30.20
Total After Coupons $21.45
Total Savings $8.75

New Budget $2836.27
Year To Date Coupon Savings $294.05
Mail In Rebate Savings $0

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