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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is in store this week

This week is 1/2 way there if your only counting a 5 day week like i am. I do that because the kids are home on the weekends and some people don't work the weekends.

What's up with this weather ? OH Yea, we live in Nebraska. Monday got caught walking son home from school in a hail storm. It's a little chilly here this week, but today is defiantly better than yesterday. Oh, i think i am on the way to getting sick. I had to walk in the awful winds and flying snow yesterday several times. NO, i was not shopping, ha. I first walked the kids to school running late, my daughter says as we are almost at school.... today is band and i forgot my trumpet. I tell her too bad and you will just have to miss the class. After dropping off my son i am walking back home in that mess and i was thinking.... the "winter" program is almost here and they are practicing there songs and really my daughter needs the practice she can get. So i grabbed her trumpet and walked back. Turned it in and came back home in that junk. Then it was time to get my son from Pre-K so i had to walk back BUT i was thankful this time the winds had died and we only had flurries left. Then we came back home and i was ever so thankful to not leave the house again. Instead we stayed in watched Toy Story 3.

Today i am going to start working on the grocery ads. Can you tell i am a little lazy this week between getting sick, fighting with cavities and the holiday we had. I have to kick myself in the butt and say get... a move on it lady.

Dinners this week have been very lazy. Pizza bread, and Mc Donalds last night, gasp no coupons. I did get my Mc rib that i always love. This is the only time i will eat at McDonalds. It cost me $12.81 which is not bad for a family of 4. I have not cut my coupons for weeks either, yes i have taken a fall into the dreadful coupon /shopping rut. It's ok, this happens to a couponer every once in a while. Sometimes you just don't feel like chasing a deal and that is ok BECAUSE another sale is just around the corner and maybe it could be a better one. So to sum up the post, boring boring and more boring, ha ha.

As for the rest of the week not sure what it will bring, but you can bet ya i will still bring ya the hot deals as i find them.OH, don't forget to check back often because i am going to start having some giveaways for my readers. The mandatory rule for you to enter a giveaway is that you must be a follower of the blog or on Facebook.

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