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Monday, October 18, 2010

What is planned for QSM this week ?

Well, here at Qpon Saving Mommas house life has been turned upside down. My life will be hectic and a little weird for a while. My husband took a second job. He is now working 16hr shifts each day. He had to take a second job because there is not enough money coming in to cover all the expenses.

You know, lovely Douglas county raising taxes every year. Which then makes my house payment go up. My house payment i make now should be for a lovely fancy house. Which is not. I live in a small tiny, run down looking house. Which i am very thankful for since some people in this world have no place to call HOME. This is our HOME and my husband and i are doing everything we can to keep our home.

I tried getting a job but no one wants a SAHM of 11 years. So if you are thinking about becoming a SAHM, you may want to consider that if you decide to go back out for employment that you may not get the job you have in mind.

So here's my plans for now:
I will be shopping A LOT LESS. I have no transportation to get from A to B so i will only be able to do my shopping on Sat. & Sun ONLY.

I will be cooking more from home. I see Once A Month Cooking may become friends with me after all.

We will be doing more family and budget friendly entertainment. Which will include: Taking a bus somewhere, renting entertainment from the Library, more crafts to do at home, and exercise.

I have no license YET. Yes i am a 31 year old woman who has never went and took the exam for her license. BUT this is about to change. I will be going soon to at least attempt to try for the license. You ask why did she never get her license ? Many reasons....
I did a stupid stupid thing when i was a teenager and it involved driving, wrecked the vehicle and have not drove much to that day. I am also scared to death to drive for the exam and take the written part. I freak when i take tests. So now you know what is going on in my life and i suppose my fears too.

So what does this mean for you ? NOTHING
I will keep posting the deals for you. Life is just hectic for us right now is all.


Anita said...

Here's a big (((hug))) for ya! Sounds like you need one! Hang in there, and this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

If god brings you to it he will also bring you through it. My hats off to you for starting this blog and being a SAHM in a time when that is frowned upon. I too am a SAHM and I have never regretted that decision but I am not looking for a job yet. Your doing a great job, keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

I miss my qsm!!! cant wait to see you. hang in there!!! luv ya d.h.

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