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Friday, October 29, 2010

Today Is Mega Swag Bucks Day!!

Every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day ! What does this mean ? Well, you can earn double points today while searching online.

Not sure what Swagbucks is ?
Sign up for a swagbucks account
then start searching through the search engine, and win swagbucks that you can trade for cool things like Amazon gift cards, $50 Southwest gift card!, and you can even donate your swagbucks !

When you search, you’ll see ads up at the top (just like other search engines) and basically they are giving you a cut of the advertising dollars they earn. How I use swagbucks is like this: I make it a point to do a few searches everyday until I win some Swagbucks. The amount varies each time, but every time I win it makes me happy. They add up!

Once you hit an amount that you want to cash in, you can check the Swag Store and trade in the bucks for prizes. It’s pretty cool. I like that it’s free and you don’t have to do much to get the Swagbucks. My recent purchases were a $20 Target Gift card and a $5 Amazon Gift card.

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