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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Budget

If you have been following my blog now for a while you know that i have a goal for my budget. I set this budget every year and see if i can stay within it or below it. That budget is $3,000 a year. Last year i was under it. Let's see where i stand this year.....

NEW BUDGET $1877.13
Year to date Mail In Rebate Savings $132.71

So that means i have $1877.13 left for the year only about 3 months left for this year. Which means i would have around $625. left to spend for each month. NOW, i am not going to be doing that, LOL i would go broke and that would be crazy !

My Year to date savings of $2419.21
Which if i break down i would have saved $268 a month. I know people who can save more than what i do but most of them i consider are hoarders, lol. No not all people are hoarders but some are. I don't do extream stockpiling. I stock up on what my family can use within 1 year. If it does get near expiration then i donate it to the pantries.

My Mail in rebate savings of $132.71
If you break it down that would be like saving $14.74 a month. I wanted it to be higher but lets face it, i have become SOOOO lazy lately. So perhaps i may try to increase this to $264 for next years budget.

Have i lost you, are you confused yet ?
Most importantly how is your budget doing ?

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