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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Forgot some things from Wally World

I had to back today because i forgot to get something for the Easter basket. Grrr. I also some some things marked down so i had to get them too. Good news is i saw my 2 favorite cashiers today. Don & i believe Mindy ? Sorry if it is Mandy istead. I have horrible time remembering names. 

Don was so nice he gave me a hug, Now how many cashiers would go out of the way to make you feel nice and have an enjoyable shopping experience ? And Mindy she saw me come in the door and talked to me. So Walmart at least did 2 things right, lol. They hired 2 people i like there. There is a horrible lady who works there can not remember her name but i gave her an enjoyable experience before, lol. 

Items Bought:

2 Glucerna Cereals $3.94 x2=$7.88
1 All 30oz $4.50
1 Snuggle Cream $4
2 Crunch & Munch $1x2=$2
1 Bedtime Stories DVD $13.00
1 Scott TP 4pk $2.68
1 GV paper Plates $1.32
1 Air Heads Extream $.64
Total $37.02
Total After Coupons $16.47
Total Coupon Savings $20.55

New Budget $2138.74
Mail In Rebate Savings $16.27

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