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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today's Omaha News Paper

If your going to get your newspaper today, make sure you got the inserts. I went to 2 different locations and the inserts were not in them. First place Buckey's gas station, NO inserts at all. Second location, No Frills and only 1 insert. It is not that someone took them either because they were fresh still bundled newspapers. So, no i have no inserts at all for this weekend. I have to figure out something. I'll probably have to turn to a clipping service.

*UPDATE* Just came from HyVee 35th & L, they have inserts in the newspaper.


robin said...

this has been my problem for almost the last month with no inserts in the papers at my local wags... not sure why but now all of a sudden they were in this sundays paper.. hopefully it contintues to stay in the paper

nichole said...

That's too bad the places you went to pick up a Sunday paper at had no coupons. I picked up a paper saturday night at Bakers on SaddleCreek and had all 3 inserts. My paper I had delivered to me also had 3 inserts, and I also picked up a Lincoln Journal Star and it had 3 inserts as well. I have to get over to Council Bluffs yet and get a Des Moines Register as those usually sometimes have different coupons in.

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